March 08, 2021 2 min read

You want to remember your big day forever, and photographs offer one way to memorialize your wedding. Are you going to settle for the traditional church shots paired with a few at the reception? Why, when you can do better?

Here are five interesting wedding photoshoot ideas.

1. Spring Is in Bloom

If seasonal allergies aren’t your bugbear, let April shower you with the ultimate in spring blossoms for your wedding photoshoot. If you have an elegant floral backdrop instead of an altar, showcase it. You can even tape blossoms to a wall to set the scene.

2. Ride Off Into the Sunset

bride and groom with sports car

Did you rent a unique ride like a tractor or motorcycle for your wedding? Such an original escape vehicle deserves memorialization in photographs.

You’ll want the right accessories, like a properly fitted leather jacket over your dress, to complete the look. A short gown helps you mount bikes and horses with greater ease.

3. By the Sea

Are you planning a beachside wedding? If so, the ocean makes an ideal backdrop for wedding photos. See if you can locate a spot near a rocky outcrop for more spectacular contrast than you will see with only the waves behind you. The right filter can add a sensational sunset effect even if you say “I do” at noon.

4. Climb Every Mountain

Every year, scores of couples travel to tiny mountain towns like Sedona, AZ, to take their wedding photoshoots with some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. You might need to wear a pair of boots under your gown to reach some locations, but once you do, you’ll have quite the conversation piece to transform into a canvas for your living room.

5. Your Favorite Things

Are your furry friends very much family members? Why not include them in your wedding photoshoot?

If you and your mate met at the rifle range, why not head back there to take a shot of you aiming for a bullseye. If you can’t get enough baseball, no law prevents you from dressing up for a Fenway tour and snapping away.

Consider These 5 Interesting Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

There’s no need to settle for the traditional church and reception shots. Memorialize your big day with these five interesting wedding photoshoot ideas.