March 01, 2021 2 min read

Tying the knot at home has multiple advantages, such as saving money and not having to compete with other events at the same venue.

However, it does require more than a bit of extra work on your part. Brides, here are the maintenance tasks you should manage before a home wedding.

1. Repair and Restore Your Entrance

Is your home the showcase on your block? If not, renovations like adding a fresh coat of paint cost little but can make an enormous difference on the impression you make on your guests.

You don’t want your dear Aunt Edna to turn her ankle before she even reaches the dance floor. Please take a look at your driveway and fill in any cracks before they become dangerous. Moisture can work its way into crevices, where it expands when frozen, causing potholes.

2. Start Your Planting Early

rows of chairs at wedding

The best time to plant your perennials is in the fall — hopefully, you got into the 2020 gardening craze and already have a leg up on this chore. However, if you haven’t, your annuals also need time to get established, so start digging soon.

Even if you typically DIY landscaping tasks, it’s a wise idea to hire a professional crew before your big day. Spring is usually their busiest season, so make those phone calls and arrangements early.

3. Make Your Restroom Area Accessible

You don’t necessarily need to undergo permanent accessibility upgrades if you don’t have anyone with a disability in your immediate family. However, you can do little things to make the visit more comfortable for distant friends or relatives who use mobility aids.

If your bathroom doesn’t have grab bars, a toilet riser with an attached pair can make it more convenient for those with walkers and chairs to use the facilities. Since it’s challenging to push wheels over carpets, a few plastic runners smooth their route. As a bonus, they also keep your rugs cleaner in high-traffic areas.

4. Prepare Bedrooms and Children Play Areas

If any of your guests have one or two too many, it’s wise to let them sleep things off instead of risking a DUI. Get your spare bed made up and have plenty of clean linens ready for couch-crashers.

Parents appreciate a safe place where children can play. Even if you don’t have any little ones yet, please childproof one room that guests can use as a playroom.

Manage These Maintenance Tasks Before a Home Wedding

Keeping things on the homestead when you wed saves money and hassle. However, you do need to manage these maintenance tasks before your home wedding.