August 23, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: 5 Must-Try Activities for Your Honeymoon


Who said your honeymoon meant endless lounging on the beach with an umbrella drink in hand? It's fine to kick back sometimes, but you also want to make magical vacation memories.


Instead, why not get active with some of these suggestions from top resorts? Here are five fun things to do on your honeymoon.


1. Try Water-Skiing


If you are heading to a beach destination with your beloved, why not go boating? Review your safety rules, put on your life jacket and hit the open water for an adventure.


Water-skiing will test your strength as you struggle to stand the first few times. Why not book a ride with an experienced coach to show you and your beau the ropes?


2. Climb Every Mountain


Maybe you and your beloved are more the cabin-in-the-woods sorts than beach bums. Why not test your strength and agility with a little mountain climbing?


You and your love can practice before your honeymoon at an indoor gym. Once you book a stay at your mountain of choice, you'll be ready to show off your skills.


3. Brave the Rapids


Here's an adventure that blends sea and shore — kayaking or whitewater canoeing. This activity challenges your couples' communication skills, especially if you share a vessel.


If you enjoy the sporting life, try adding a bit of fishing to the itinerary. You and your beloved can roast your catch over the campfire, keeping your rented honeymoon cabin from reeking of trout.


4. Attend an Authentic Luau


Are you headed for a Hawaiian honeymoon? If so, you don't want to miss out on the authentic luau experience.


These festivals involve much more than feasting, although the food is one of the best parts. You'll also enjoy upbeat music and cultural celebrations like hula and fire dancing.


5. Spook Out Some Spirits


Do you and your beloved promise to love each other even beyond death? Find proof of the afterlife on your honeymoon when you book a ghost tour.


If you’re headed to California, you must visit the Whaley House, where Yankee Jim, a hanged thief, still inhabits the premises. Those staying on the East Coast should book a tour of Salem, Massachusetts.


These Activities Will Make Your Honeymoon Memorable


You want to relax and have fun in the sun on your honeymoon. However, you and your new mate can grow your bond by sharing adventures.


Consider one of these five must-try activities for your honeymoon. You and your love can start your married life by making the most of your post-wedding vacation.