August 16, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: What Kind of Alcohol Should You Serve at Your Rehearsal Dinner?


Your guests should have plenty of drink options to pair with their rehearsal dinner entrees, and there are plenty of alcoholic options to consider.


Here’s how to easily make your selections without breaking your budget.

1. Wine


Wine is a popular alcoholic beverage because so many varieties go well with meals. You’ll make everyone happy by selecting at least one choice of both red and white. Pinot noirs and sauvignon blancs will elevate your meal with rounded profiles that your guests might already love.


If you’re unsure about everyone’s preferences, stick with red or white wine blends that are neither dry nor sweet.

2. Beer


Beer is another common beverage people reach for when they want to relax. Select your favorite brands or local brews to please all your attendees. Everyone will appreciate your thoughtful selections if there’s at least one light beer without too much bitterness.


You can also pick your beer based on the season. Spring beer will feature a crisp, refreshing taste to counter the warmer afternoon weather. Autumn beer has resin notes and more fall flavors, like pumpkin or nutmeg. It depends on how much focus you want on the time of year.

3. Tequila


You might think tequilas taste the same, but it’s important to note their differences when picking what to serve at your rehearsal dinner. White or gold tequila may have agave, while others blend fruits, berries and sweeteners for delightful twists on your favorite margarita recipes.


Hire a bartender to transform your chosen tequila brand into clever margaritas or other cocktails, and your selection will pair perfectly with your rehearsal dinner.

4. Vodka


Vodka is an excellent choice for parties. It’s easy to mix into fancy cocktails or add to a glass of soda for a super-affordable hard drink. You can pour a splash of it into shot glasses with a fun ingredient like cotton candy if your dinner will be more of a party.

5. Whiskey


Anyone who prefers a refined drink may opt for whiskey. It has warm notes and a smoky, complex flavor. One or two bottles should be enough for a smaller reception dinner because people typically consume 2 ounces at a time.

Serve the Best Rehearsal Dinner Drinks


Consider what alcoholic options you’d enjoy most at your rehearsal dinner. You’ll need to create a menu that pleases your guests, but your opinion is ultimately the most important. Whether you want vodka sodas or a glass of wine, your guests will appreciate your chosen drink of the night.