August 03, 2021 2 min read

The last thing you want is for tragedy to mar your big day. Accidents can happen, and it pays to prepare. Here’s a handy guide for identifying and preventing fire hazards at your wedding and reception.

1. Check Your Venue’s Compliance History

You might find it challenging to locate information regarding your venue’s fire history online. You can comb through newspaper archives, but that takes considerable time when you’re probably already feeling the pressure. Your best bet is to ask event staff about their compliance history.

For example, does your venue meet NFPA standards for having sufficient sprinklers and outlining a clear evacuation strategy? Do they routinely inspect all safety equipment? If the answer to either question is no, you might want to consider booking elsewhere.

2. Identify Unique Hazards

Some fires aren’t preventable by you and your new spouse, as one couple discovered during their wedding photographs. However, other factors remain in your control.

Consider opting for battery-operated electric candles instead of the flame variety. If hosting an outdoor affair, please ensure all patio heaters operate correctly and that you locate any fire pits sufficiently far away from guests and decor to not start a blaze.

3. Keep Safety Equipment on Hand

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If your event venue meets NFPA standards, they will have the equipment you need. You must provide this contingency if you’re hosting at home, a park or other nontraditional reception location.

If hosting at home, ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries and work as intended. You should also have at least one fire extinguisher on hand, possibly more if hosting at a large outdoor location. It’s always wise to carry a first aid kit to manage any minor burns or injuries.

4. Follow Safety Rules

Finally, please perform a fire safety check before game time to ensure your vendors and guests follow applicable safety rules. Ensure any self-closing doors operate properly if you are hosting your event at a facility with such features. If you are indoors, make sure the signs pointing to escape routes are well-lit and easily visible.

Identify and Prevent Fire Hazards With This Guide

Don’t let tragedy mar your big day. Identify and prevent fire hazards at your wedding with this guide.