July 28, 2021 3 min read

You’d love to redecorate part of your home, but getting started may not feel as easy as it seems. Do you color coordinate your furniture and throw pillows first or begin with hanging a few picture frames? You don’t need an interior design education to make your home look fabulous. This guide explains how to decorate a room in five easy steps so you can conquer any dream design project.

1. Locate Any Blank Space

People mostly get the urge to decorate after moving into a new place or deep cleaning their homes. You might stare at blank walls or walk across bare floors and feel an emptiness that inspired your interior design urge. It’s easiest to work with a room when there are empty spaces, like exposed hardwood floors or freshly painted walls.

If you don’t have empty places to put new things, you can also add shelving to give yourself more design possibilities. Hang shelves or build a custom bookshelf that fits into awkward nooks and crannies. You’ll instantly have more places to put belongings or create a new aesthetic for your home.

2. Make Decor Decorative and Useful

While you’re learning how to decorate a room, think about what would make the space more functional. Decorations and furniture can double in functionality and design. Consider how you’ll use the room, like a home office or children’s playroom. A couch that folds out into a bed or a desk that converts into a standing workspace will make your home more enjoyable and helpful.

3. Work From the Ground Up

You can also pull together a new interior design scheme by working from the ground up. Take a close look at your floor. Does it serve the appearance of the room? Inserting small details could create the theme for your new decorations.

Many people add sleek modern luxury to their entryways and dining rooms by matching Rocco-inspired floral patterns and borders to existing colors in their home. They’ll make a big visual difference by integrating smaller details into the most significant design feature in your chosen room.

4. Rearrange Around the Traffic Pattern

You could find quick inspiration by rearranging your furniture. You’ll find new places to put things and creative ways to use the room, but not if the furniture disrupts the traffic pattern. Trace where people walk through the room so design elements like floor lamps, bookshelves and accent chairs don’t get in the way.

5. Identify Your Maximum Budget

Once you know which design elements and updates you want to work on, create a maximum budget by researching each step. Consult possible contractors and get estimates to make your budget more realistic. Prices may vary depending on the size of your home, where you live and the contractor’s schedule.

If you’re not sure how to save the money for what you want to redesign, reflect on your monthly budget for living expenses to rearrange your spending. You can always go back to your current spending and saving plan after you have enough money set aside for your interior design project.

Decorate a Room This Weekend

Your dream home is only an afternoon away now that you know how to decorate a room in five easy steps. Think about how you’ll use the space, which design elements will make the most difference and what your budget will look like to get started on redecorating any room in your house.