July 19, 2021 2 min read

Celebrating your wedding at home has a variety of benefits. When done right, it can also be kinder to the planet than a conventional venue. With that in mind, here’s your guide to planning an eco-friendly home wedding.

1. Provide Eco-Friendly Climate Control

If you plan on your guests going in and out of your home, turn on your ceiling fans and ensure the blades circulate air to cool the room. It only costs a penny per hour to spin one instead of 36 cents for each hour of air conditioning.

Shade is another must. If you don’t have roofs over your decks or patios, consider an awning. In places like the desert southwest, these can reduce your cooling needs by as much as 50% — a huge difference when your AC bills cost hundreds each month. In arid climates, misting devices can also cool outdoor air by several degrees without ruining your hairdo.

2. Recycle

When setting up your event, you should place multiple disposal stations for garbage. That way, guests don’t have to wander all over your home seeking a place for empties.

When you set up these stations, include separate clearly labeled bins for recyclable materials. Check with your local jurisdiction about which items the sorting center will take and put pictures with clear examples for out-of-town guests who might follow different rules.

3. Choose Greener Disposables

bride and groom

The most planet-friendly thing you can do is to avoid single-use cutlery and dishware at your event. However, unless you have a professional dishwasher, this can mean a ton of work for one unlucky person. Hiring a professional crew can cost so much that you may as well opt for a venue.

If you decide to go disposable to cut down on cleanup, please make your selection widely. You can now find single-use dishware made from bamboo that you can compost. Above all, avoid styrofoam, as many recycling centers refuse to take it.

4. Reduce Overall Waste

Weddings can create tons of unnecessary waste. Did you go the dollar store route when it came to DIY floral arrangements? Instead of tossing them in the rubbish bin to become landfill fodder, donate your creations to a hospice or retirement home to bring a smile to a stranger’s face.

If hosting a buffet-style affair, you can avoid food waste by portioning out individual leftovers for guests to take home. Consider your choices of party favors, too. Miniature bubble bottles might look adorable, but many varieties come in single-use plastics that end up in landfills.

Plan an Eco-Friendly Home Wedding With These Tips

Having your ceremony at your place offers you convenience. It can also tread lightly on the planet. Plan an eco-friendly home wedding with these tips.