July 14, 2021 2 min read

Being environmentally friendly and decorating your home beautifully don’t need to be mutually exclusive. In fact, there’s an entire style dedicated to the pursuit of environmental sustainability. Whether you already love the eco-chic aesthetic or you’re interested in exploring it for the purposes of being a bit kinder to the planet, there are so many ways to bring a bit more design prowess into your home all while being kind to the environment. No matter what your place looks like now, there are so many solutions and decor choices that you can explore right now. Here are just a few ways to decorate your home, eco-chic style.

1.  Be Thrifty

One of the very first things they teach you about being kind to the planet is the phrase “Reduce, reuse and recycle!” That’s exactly the spirit you want to get into when you start thinking about sustainability in your home. When it comes to decor, you can find so many treasures at the local thrift shop, from furniture to dishes. All you need to do is search.

2.  Buy In Bulk — And Make It Cool

Buying in bulk isn’t just good for your wallet — when you buy bulk and zero-waste, you can display a much cleaner, refined-looking kitchen. From keeping grains in jars to storing spices, cutting out the inconsistent packaging can go a long way, for your home and the planet.

3.  Use Natural Materials

One of the best ways to decorate your home with eco-friendly materials is to go natural. While plastic and synthetic materials may be cheap and easy, they aren’t beneficial for the environment. Try out wood furniture, wool for rugs and cotton or linen for curtains.

4.  Use Practical Heating

When it comes to temperature controls, heating and cooling can eat up a lot of gas or electricity — whichever you choose to go with. And while electricity may run your bills slightly higher, the emissions will be lower than that of gas heating. However, there’s another solution to all this — trying out practical methods of heating, especially early in the season. From proper insulation on doors and windows to fireplace warmth, there are so many options for practical, natural heat.

5.  Keep It Local

Another great idea for keeping things eco-friendly is to shop from local artisans and businesses for your decorative needs. Not only does this offer unique pieces and support to your local community, but it also cuts down on travel and shipping emissions.

6.  Green Thumb

Plants are a great choice for decorating your home in an eco-friendly way. Not only are plants great for the environment, but they’re also beautiful features for any room. From low-maintenance succulents to beautiful blooming flowers, you can start small and expand with your comfort level as you learn to care for your plants.

Eco Chic Decor In Your Home

Going eco-chic is about so much more than the aesthetic — it’s about making a difference in the world around you. Environmental sustainability truly starts at home, and there are so many ways to start exploring. What eco-chic tips do you plan to bring into your home?