September 21, 2020 2 min read

With travel restrictions remaining in effect due to COVID-19, you may have decided to take a road trip honeymoon. These little adventures can make for an exciting journey and the ideal start to your new life. That said, any kind of travel entails a considerable amount of planning if you want to avoid problems.

Here are five considerations you should keep in mind. 

1. Choose a Romantic Destination 

While it’s romantic to hit the open road with no destination in mind, the thrill dies quickly when you reach the point of exhaustion and find no rooms available at the inn. Fortunately, many lodging spots have relaxed their cancellation and rescheduling policies due to the pandemic. 

Choose a romantic destination and book a room for a few nights. You might have to do so early, as some venues continue to operate at diminished capacities to enforce social distancing. If you later feel like a whimsical plan change, you could find it a snap to alter your reservation. 

2. Remember Your Children and Dogs

If one or both of you have children or pets, why not consider glamping as a honeymoon road trip destination? Many campgrounds offer family activities for everyone, and you can bring your canine companion. Don’t think you’ll have to sleep in a bug-infested tent, either. Many sites offer anything from outfitted Airstreams to treehouses with all the amenities of a hotel. 

3. Get Your Car Serviced 

jeep driving through field

Few things ruin a honeymoon like a breakdown on a dark, desert highway with no “Hotel California” within walking distance. Minimize your chances of mechanical failure by having your oil changed and car serviced before hitting the road. Make sure your garage is secure and that you’re following safety guidelines.  

4. Bring Along Supplies

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t disappeared, no matter how weary you are of cracked skin from excessive handwashing. Therefore, be sure to bring masks and hand sanitizer. It’s always wise to carry a first-aid kit and a gallon of water for each traveler per day. 

5. Plan Activities Besides Snuggling 

While you may want to do nothing but cuddle with your sweetie, staying in bed 24/7 can leave you with a backache. Many locations have begun to reopen various venues, so plan a wine tasting or an elegant night on the town. You might also consider outdoor activities, as these pose lower contamination risks. 

Remember These 5 Considerations When Planning Your Honeymoon Road Trip

A honeymoon road trip screams romance, but you still need to make plans. Keep the five considerations above in mind when doing so.