September 16, 2020 3 min read

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many. The summer heat burns off, the bugs return to where they belong and leaves turn forests into Picasso prints. No wonder so many folks call fall their favorite season. 

If you want to get your home ready for the seasonal change, creature comforts reign supreme. Here are eight ways to make any room cozy for the coming fall season. 

1. Break Out the Aromatherapy 

You can’t think of fall without smelling the pumpkin spice in the air. Scent impacts mood, and the aroma of baked goods invokes pleasant nostalgia. Why let real estate agents hosting open houses corner the market on this rite of autumn? 

Break out the apple pie and nutmeg fragrances, but don’t head to your nearest discount store for scented candles if you worry about your family’s health. Traditional paraffin-wax varieties can release toxins like toluene into your indoor air. 

An aromatherapy diffuser and a few drops of essential oil set the mood without making you sick. Alternatively, you could put on the oven and bake now that the weather is cooler. 

2. Set the Perfect Indoor Air Temperature

That nip in the air means it's finally time to turn off your AC. Your electric bill with thank you — until the first cold snap sops up your heating oil like a sponge. 

Why not use the seasonal change to upgrade your HVAC with programmable comfort? Many devices switch on your heat or AC automatically when room temperatures stray within 1 degree of the set point. The result is a constant indoor climate without having to get up to adjust the thermostat. 

3. Make a Cornucopia Centerpiece

Does anything say fall like a cornucopia centerpiece? Fortunately, these don’t take too much creativity to DIY. 

You’ll want to start with a wicker cornucopia-shaped basket and a piece of burlap for the lining. You’ll also need scissors, a glue gun, raffia and materials to line your overflowing container. You can use multicolored corn, fake fruit or whatever your local discount store has in stock. 

4. Select an Autumn Accent Color 


Autumn colors include gold, orange and red. Why not select an accent hue and use it to unite your home’s look? 

You could paint a warm golden accent wall in your dining room to highlight family photos. Stick with similar tones for throws and pillows in the living areas. Bring in a spray of goldenrod if you don’t have allergies and make a floral centerpiece for your kitchen nook. 

5. Add Some Cozy Throws

With cooler temperatures comes the urge to cuddle. The Danes practice hygge, which calls for creating a warm atmosphere that screams coziness. Few things top snuggling with your sweetie under a homemade afghan or silky soft throw blanket. 

6. Lots of Pillows for Napping 

What’s more autumn-like than dozing off in front of the big game on Sunday afternoon? Keep your neck from cramping when you do by adding ample throw pillows to every room. 

7. Places to Kick up Your Feet 

Your kids probably won’t complain about sitting on the floor, but houseguests might feel put out if you sprawl out on one couch while your partner takes the other. Give everyone a place to kick up their weary dogs with ottomans galore — many double as extra storage space. 

8. Every Cat Needs a Hearth 

A quintessential fall portrait involves a kitty curled up by the fireplace. However, what if your pad came minus this essential accessory?

Fortunately, you can bring home a fireplace without a chimney — renters rejoice. Electric models produce genuine heat and recreate the authentic experience. If you lack the requisite feline, visit your nearest shelter, where many await their “fur-ever” homes. 

Make Any Room Cozier for Fall With These Tips 

You can make any room in your home cozier this fall. Apply these tips and welcome the changing season.