April 19, 2021 2 min read

You don’t want to get a flat when you’re riding off into the sunset. Car trouble is a wedding day disaster no one needs — a delay that causes frustration even when you have roadside assistance.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to protect your getaway vehicle against flat tires.

1. Inspect the Tread

You might feel a bit silly kicking the tires on your limousine, but it beats the pants off sitting roadside waiting on AAA in your gown and tux. When booking your vehicles, skip the penny test and use the quarter version. You might feel picky, but you don’t want any disasters to mar your big day.

2. Apply the Right Pressure

Flat tires sometimes occur when you overinflate them or you pile too much weight on your ride. Use a gauge to ensure yours have the proper pressure.

Keep your driving surface in mind, too. If you plan an outdoor wedding in a remote location, you may need to four-wheel off to your private honeymoon campsite.

Learn how to lower your tire pressure to give passengers a smoother ride and prevent potential punctures while crawling over rocks and twigs.

3. Check the Seams

just married car window

Flat tires also occur when the tire and rim separate. Manufacturing defects sometimes cause such issues. If possible, check the brand and year of your tires against known recalls.

4. Watch for Sharp Objects

Is roadwork occurring on your chosen route from the wedding venue to the reception hall? If so, you might want to hop on Google Maps and plan an alternative.

Flat tires frequently occur when debris or nails puncture them. All it takes is one stray piece of glass, so avoid thoroughfares near new housing developments or other construction projects.

Protect Your Getaway Vehicle From Flat Tires With These Tips

You don’t want car trouble to interrupt your festivities or delay your reception. Protect your getaway vehicle from flat tires with the above tips.