April 22, 2021 3 min read

Spring weather has arrived, so you might want to get outside and flex your gardening skills. Instead of planting the same flowers and vegetables, read about a few trees to consider planting in your yard this spring. You don’t need years of experience or tons of free time to make beautiful new trees blossom around your house. Use these tips to get started today.

1. Paperbark Maple Tree

Giant leafy trees provide an eye-catching addition to your yard and give you more shade during the summer. A paperbark maple tree might be just what you need if you want to grow something that provides both of these things. The year-round leafy branches grow into an oval shape above orange-red bark. It will grow for decades if kept alive with partial shade and slightly acidic soil.

2. Flowering Crabapple Tree

You’ll love the flowering crabapple tree if you’re looking for fresh fruit and beautiful flowers. It grows up and out into the sky and flourishes year-round. Keep an eye out for insects as this tree attracts apple maggots and cankerworms with its delicious fruit and blossoming aroma.

Speed up your harvest time by getting a flowering crabapple tree that’s already had a few years to grow. Before moving it, handle it by the root ball to carefully plant it in the best location without damaging the trunk. Little details like that will make your new tree grow faster and healthier.

3. Ancient Ginkgo Tree

Leap back in time by growing a ginkgo tree. Millions of years ago, it grew alongside the dinosaurs before becoming a living fossil species. It’s great at weathering storm systems and extreme weather, so people can plant it in most locations. By the time fall comes around, it will dust your yard with bright yellow leaves and create the perfect outdoor oasis.

4. Red Oak Tree

The red oak tree is a tall, thin variety that grows in most hardiness zones. You won’t have to worry about a strict watering schedule because they’re so good at retaining moisture. If you pick this tree, stay ahead of mildew infestations that may occur because red oaks hold onto water around the base of their trunk.

5. Golden Pine Tree

Anyone who wants to line their property with privacy trees should consider the golden pine tree. It’s a thick tree that grows into a cone shape with a broad base. They provide an evergreen yard arrangement that doubles as a privacy fence, which may help decorate your yard while staying within existing homeowners association rules or community guidelines.

6. Quaking Aspen Tree

You may want to plant a quaking aspen tree in the next few months if you want something to grow quickly. They thrive under constant spring and summer sunshine, forming robust root systems that make them nearly impossible to kill. They’re perfect for beginners and anyone who wants an extra-tall tree that lasts throughout the year.

Plant Your Favorite Trees This Spring

Growing trees doesn’t have to require expert gardening knowledge. Now that you’ve read about a few trees to consider planting in your yard this spring, think about what you want. You’ll find the right trees to match those goals and transform your property into a leafy haven.