July 26, 2022 2 min read

3 Easy Ways to Raise Funds for Your Wedding


Getting married isn’t the most budget-friendly proposition. Over 40% of couples plan to use credit card charges to fund their big day. However, money woes are one of the biggest causes of divorce — so why begin your life together in debt?



Instead, save and budget for the celebration you want. Here are three easy ways to raise funds for your wedding.

1. Take on a Side Hustle

What do you love to do in your spare time? Could it make you money? Another easy way to save for your wedding is to get creative and see.


For example, those with a passion for photography can find places to sell their images online. Do you live for 4-legged creatures? Try to start taking up dog walking before or after work. You can get in your pre-wedding workout while earning spare cash for tending to your neighbor’s Fido.

2. Sell Something You Don’t Need

When was the last time you cleaned out all of your closets - and your garage, attic or basement? You might have to sort your things before combining households anyway, so why not seek stuff you no longer need fetch reasonable price?

For example, you can get a pretty penny for functioning video games consoles, watches and jewelry at your nearest pawn shop. Alternatively, sell them on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace of Offer Up. Of course, you might need to go through a broker if you have super-luxurious assets like a yacht.

3. Work Your Registry

Wedding registries are becoming somewhat antiquated. You used to request a set of daily dishes and fine china — but today, many couples combine already-outfitted households. Who needs six crockpots?


Instead, work your registry to fund your honeymoon or pay back what you borrowed. You can graciously request cash gifts by wording your requests delicately on your invitations and wedding website. For example, “Your presence is the greatest gift. However, if you wish to honor us with a present, a cash donation is very welcome.” Even a simple “Cash gifts welcome but not expected” can cue guests to your preference.

Easy Ways to Raise Funds for Your Wedding

Countless couples start their married lives in debt to pay for their nuptials. However, you don’t have to follow their lead if you stick to your budget and get creative.


Consider the three easy ways above to raise funds for your wedding. You’ll enjoy a much happier start to your union without the burden of credit card bills.