July 21, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: 5 Heartfelt Gifts for the Groom


The prewedding gift exchange can be a powerful tool to work off last-minute jitters and enjoy some bonding time before the big day. Many brides find it a special opportunity to show the one they love how much they care.


The question is, what should you get your spouse-to-be? Here are five heartfelt gift ideas for the groom.

1. Inspire His Creativity


Has your guy longed to paint like Picasso? If so, a few new canvasses, an easel and paint could be the perfect gift to inspire his creativity. A quality Moleskine journal is a lovely gift for the writer in your life.


Perhaps he’s longed to strum a tune around the campfire. Why not cater to his musical yearnings with a beginner guitar? You decide if you want to brave a drum set.

2. Pimp His Ride


Does your man live for washing and waxing his car? If so, why not give him something to make it uniquely his? Simple touches, such asdashcams and phone mounts, protect his safety while making his ride more comfortable and attractive. A fuzzy steering wheel cover is always thoughtful if he’ll be driving through Phoenix in July.

3. Embrace His Favorite Hobby


What does your guy love to do the most? If he lives on the golf course, a new sleeve of balls and perhaps some custom club covers make a thoughtful gift — as does a round or two at his favorite venue. Does he love to bowl? Why not get him a new pair of shoes, a shirt or even a ball?

4. Indulge His Exquisite Tastes


Is your special guy a lover of fine cigars or whiskey? If so, you can indulge his tastes with a one-time exclusive gift of a rare gem. Better yet, why not remind him of how much you care month after month by enrolling him in a club suited to his exquisite tastes?

5. Go Sentimental


Tradition says that your gift for the groom usually consists of jewelry or a watch. Why not consider one engraved with your initials and wedding date?


You can find less expensive replacements if jewelry isn’t within your budget. For example, why not get a painting made of your favorite vacation photo together to hang on your living room wall?

Heartfelt Gift Ideas for the Groom


What should you get your groom on your wedding day? Taking part in this tradition is on many brides’ must-do lists.


Take inspiration from these gift ideas for the groom. You’ll delight your special guy and make him smile before you walk down the aisle.