July 15, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning the Rehearsal Dinner


Your rehearsal dinner is an important part of your wedding festivities, serving as the official start of the revelry. It’s where you’ll share your gifts with family and get to know each other’s extended kin a bit better before tying the knot. It’s also a much-needed reward after doing a go-through of your ceremony.


You want to ensure everything goes swimmingly. Here are four mistakes to avoid when planning the rehearsal dinner.

1. Getting Everyone There and Back Safely


Many rehearsal dinners are formal affairs that take place at fine dining establishments. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to start your ceremonies by pulling up in a chauffeured ride befitting your status as the bride?


Renting a bus for your rehearsal dinner can also avert headaches. You don’t want to wait with a growling stomach while family from the next state navigates unfamiliar roads in the rain or risk a DUI if someone has too much. 

2. Facilitating Mixing and Mingling


Your rehearsal dinner may be the first time some members of your wedding party meet. You can do a lot to facilitate conversation and stave off awkward silences.


For example, why not go around the table and share a music artist that you love, perhaps with some of their lyrics? Icebreaker questions allow everyone to get to know one another — and may inspire you with some tunes to suggest to your DJ.

3. Catering to Dietary Restrictions


People follow special diets for various reasons, not only vanity. You might have a mix of vegans and keto-dieters at your rehearsal dinner, along with a gluten-free and lactose-intolerant fellow or two. How can you ensure they can all eat something?


Ask about dietary restrictions on your invitation, providing space for guests to explain if they wish. Look for dishes that do double duty, such as a salad that’s gluten- and nut-free.

4. Keeping the Littles Occupied


Little ones might have to sit through a “boring” rehearsal and a dinner — it’s enough to test a toddler’s patience. Delight your guests by providing something to keep the kids occupied.


For example, you might select a restaurant with a fenced play area — more spaces offer this amenity since COVID. If that’s not possible, bring along some coloring and activity books you can pick up on the cheap at your nearest dollar store. The little ones will love the newness of their toys, keeping them occupied.

Plan a Rehearsal Dinner to Remember


Your rehearsal dinner officially kicks off your wedding festivities. You want everything to go perfectly.


Avoid the four mistakes above when planning your rehearsal dinner. You can show your guests a good time and enjoy a bit of relaxation before your big day.