June 17, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: 5 Crucial Considerations for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings can be very romantic, especially if you and your beloved are the nature-loving type. However, a natural backdrop presents unique issues you won’t find indoors.

Here are five crucial considerations for outdoor weddings.

1. Nature Calls

Folks in their wedding finest don’t fancy using the bushes for their business. Providing sanitary restroom facilities is a must for outdoor weddings. It’s natural to say, “go inside,” if hosting at your house. However, you can’t expect guests to doff their shoes and all those feet can introduce nasty germs into your living space.

However, please don’t think that standard worksite job johnnies are your only option. You can find far more attractive and sanitary amenities, like portable restroom trailers. Some of these come equipped with accessibility options, even Bluetooth sound systems to entertain.

2. Staying Sun Safe

Sunburn doesn’t look good when contrasted against your white gown in wedding photos. Plus, you want to protect your guests, especially the youngest.

Ensure you apply plenty of mineral-based sunscreens. Some come in tinted versions, letting you skip the foundation and look more natural than cakey in bright sunlight.

You also should provide plenty of shade for your guests. Umbrellas are seldom enough — canopies are best. A tray of travel-sized sunscreen as optional favors is a nice touch for guests who forgot.

3. Preparing for Inclement Weather

Outdoor weddings can mean unpredictable weather. Try as you might to avoid hurricane season, freak storms happen.

Ensure your guests have plenty of places to retreat indoors, such as your garage or she-shed. If renting a public park, consider pavilions close to the parking area so that guests don’t have to make a mad dash to their car if they forget their umbrella.

4. Banishing Insect Pests

You don’t want your guests to get bit or stung. Nor do you want to harm the wrong kind of bee — they’re endangered as it is.

Instead, use natural remedies to keep pests at bay. Citronella torches and candles deter flying pests while placing table and chair legs in glasses of water keeps ants out of food.

5. Managing Allergies

Outdoor weddings can mean sneezing through your ceremony. Before the event, please consider taking a non-drowsy OTC medication to prevent red eyes and a runny nose.

You should also keep your guests’ comfort in mind. Provide plenty of tissues and consider a box or two of masks for people whose allergy symptoms may make others uncomfortable in this COVID age.

Crucial Considerations for Outdoor Weddings

Few things are more striking than outdoor weddings. Nature’s beauty provides the perfect backdrop. However, you do need to take extra precautions. Keep these five crucial considerations in mind for outdoor weddings!