June 16, 2022 6 min read

According to a wedding marketing update on The Wedding Report, 20% of 2021 weddings were rescheduled out to 2022, meaning that the pandemic caused many individuals to rethink the timing of their marriage for health and safety reasons.
When you think about the dynamic of weddings of 2021, some were broadcasted via Zoom, many couples chose to refrain from an official ceremony, or they only invited a select few people to watch an exchange of vows. Now that wedding services have been able to accommodate wedding date changes and guidelines are better controlled, more individuals are ready to celebrate with a theme, regardless of whether or not it’s on a larger or smaller scale!

Here are the top must-haves for designing an extravagant, themed wedding this year:

Keep Your Finances in Mind

Before deciding on the wedding dress of your dreams, the wedding theme, your decorations, or venue, first, double-check your finances and current budget. Take the time to review your financial spreadsheets and remind your wedding consultants to keep attention to how much you’re spending. There are multiple tools and methods that you can use to pay for certain aspects of your wedding, such as credit cards, and saving accounts for couples. You can even look into how to use a personal line of credit, and how it can help you repay for certain costs associated with your wedding ceremony necessities and reception. Whatever you decide to choose, make sure it aligns with your financial standing and you’re taking advantage of the tools that can help you more than hurt your money management process.

Find The Perfect Dress

Buying a wedding dress can be a nervous moment of indecision. You can make the process of a wedding dress easier when selecting from top designers that offer annual new bridal wear that is custom-designed to fit your special day. Using more color and different styles to your wedding wear outside of the traditional norms will create memorable experiences to stand out from the crowd. Your wedding wear could be bright, dark, long, or short as imagination takes plenty of inspiration from recent wedding style trends. The right embroidery on a wedding dress in the right places can make a big difference in how your wedding dress will look and feel.  Finding more than one wedding dress can give you the opportunity to change throughout the day from ceremony wear to reception wear. Wedding dresses from couture wedding designers are all about taking ideas and visions of elevating bridal wear to new heights. A wedding dress from a couture wedding collection will showcase patterns, colors, and cuts that enhance the beauty of the details in a dress from front to back. Making appointments to couture wedding dress designers' main retail shops can connect you with the perfect dressmaker. Select the wedding dress couture designer shop that makes you feel that any ideas and concerns are front and center not just as a secondary concern. Your wedding dress designer shop, its specialists, and its tailors should be side by side with you with the same enthusiasm and energy from day one to the final day when making any designs and alterations come to life.

Choose a Theme

A wedding is one of the most major events in a person’s life, and deserves a theme to boost the celebration. A theme is the overall look and feel of elements that are associated with the decorations, food, or music on your big day. Do you love the aesthetic of vintage films, or classic music from the decades? If you want a more modern wedding theme, add flexibility to the length of the wedding dress to incorporate bohemian or minimalist themes. You can make your wedding theme your own by making a list of what best represents you and your partner, and finding large or small ways to incorporate details into your wedding ceremony. If your reception venue has a look of its own, don’t be afraid to add personal themed touches to your dress. You can go more traditional with your wedding gown, or add some flare with lace, satin and other materials and jewels. Your wedding makeup professionals can apply lip colors, foundations, and eyeliner techniques from specific time periods, movies, or places as well. Grew up watching Disney or Star War films? There are wedding dress collections that provide brides the chance to add modern fairytale wedding flair.

Select Your Decorations

As your closest family and friends arrive at the wedding, complete the design with the finest decorations for floral, tableware, and candles to create a moment for your guests to remember. When selecting decorations for your themed wedding, it’s important to really think about favorite colors, patterns, and designs as a couple. There is a virtual color matching app from Pantone that can match any color to your decorations.

A themed wedding does not have to be traditional. It can incorporate decorative flowers, colored plates, and silverware, and even be at a location that’s a little outside of the box.  If you want a beach-themed wedding, for example, bring the good vibes by hanging string lighting around the dance floor, an upbeat mix, and a match of florals at the center of every table. If you want to bring certain characteristics from movies or a place like Disney,  you can use playful concepts from Aladdin’s Magic Carpet to Cinderella’s Carriage for example to give yourself and your guest the ultimate experience.

Getting Your Accessories

The magical moments of a wedding originate from stunning accessories. Bridal accessories such as jewelry, for example, silver or gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and bridal headwear with shiny precious stones of emeralds or diamonds, are all pieces that can take your look to the next level. A vintage wedding theme accessories can reflect old-world luxury jewelry with details in carats, stones, and type of gem selection. Modern wedding theme accessories showcase a more daring approach to jewelry with diverse details in shape and form. This can be discussed with your wedding jeweler that can use his or her expertise with an eye for personalization as a couple.

Give Your Guests Great Food and Music

Wedding food should reflect your taste, but only on a bigger scale for this extravagant themed wedding. Selecting the best professional chef for wedding catering can elevate a typical wedding meal into a fine dining experience for your guests. Getting an open wine bar and your favorite food truck based on your theme, and as part of the wedding, festivities will make even picky eaters happy! Do not forget to book the best music to create a live concert experience from a band that can impress with classic songs to get the wedding guests dancing all night long.

Spruce Up Your Invitations

Some of your wedding guests may know you from your childhood years, teen years, college years, and professional years, and now as you start many years of a happy and healthy marriage. Wedding guests could receive commonly used e-invitations with days, times, and details of the wedding. Instead, try going the extra step with hand-made invitations that are as meaningful and connect the pieces as a mini-storybook of a journey as a couple to your wedding guests. Construct a storyline of your relationship as a couple with a wedding invitation taking professional photos of treasured moments and locations with special notes. When your wedding guests get these invitations, the extra details in this stationary form will immediately make your guests feel excited and emotional as you feel about your themed event.

 Pick a Memorable Wedding Destination

Let your wedding guests know that the event will be many days of great food, music, and moments. Using a luxury venue like a historic hotel, resort, or a local attraction can provide the right setting for all the fun of an extravagant wedding. Plan ahead with a wedding planner and travel experts to book for one-of-a-kind destinations either domestically or internationally with beach resorts. Your traveling group of wedding guests will likely want to travel along for the extravagant wedding without thinking too much about the cost. Work with a wedding planner and travel agency to book locations and accommodations in advance to find the top destinations.

Weddings are about having a fantastic time to celebrate life with your special person and your special guests. Long after your day of the wedding has happened, your memories of the day will remain forever. An extravagant wedding will bring together the best in style, food, music, and destinations to create a day to remember forever!