October 12, 2020 2 min read

You and your partner are ready to embark on life as a newlywed couple. So where do you begin? If you plan to expand your family, it's smart to make a few adjustments to your house.

Here are a couple home improvements that are ideal for functionality and long-term ROI. After all, you don't want to spend cash on a feature you won't use or can’t recoup. 

1. An Attic Bedroom or Office

An empty attic can serve as a clean slate for a bedroom or office. As your family grows, you'll need that extra space. If it's accessible, you should think about how you and your future children could benefit.

A private upstairs location works well for working, studying, exercising and more. Plus, you can expect a 56% ROI as a result.

2. An Indoor Pool

If you have access to a higher budget, you should think about a pool room. Your entire family will enjoy an indoor pool for years to come in every season.

This is a helpful idea to try for therapeutic reasons, too. Either way, you can benefit from adding an indoor pool. Make sure to consider any ventilation adjustments you'll need to make. This effort will ensure your indoor pool lasts longer. 

3. A Deck or Porch Addition

couple holding hands

You and your spouse need a spot to entertain your family. Therefore, you may want to consider an addition to your current outdoor situation.

This way, you can have a space large enough to accommodate everyone. Think barbecues for July 4, birthdays and other special times. It's no secret that homebuyers love outside areas, so you can expect your money to be well spent.

4. A Finished Basement

What's more fun than a downstairs recreation room? A finished basement provides an area that each child and adult will love. You can watch movies, play games and serve drinks. It's enjoyable for everyone.

There are a few key preparation steps you should take beforehand to create a workable slate.

5. A Bathroom Update

A bathroom update can make a major difference. Plus, you can make certain DIY fixes if they're not too difficult. A feature such as added cabinet and counter space will be useful when you have extra household members.

You may even want to install a shower to turn a half-bath into a full one. In any case, upgrading your bathroom is a smart idea.

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