October 07, 2020 2 min read

You might love splurging on the latest beauty products, but you won't get a natural glow without healthy skin. A dry or oily foundation prevents cosmetic products from making you look and feel fantastic. 

If you're ready for natural, glowing skin, it's time to try these five home remedies that work. They're budget-friendly, simple ways to get the radiant skin everyone deserves:

1. Start Exfoliating Regularly

Your body knows how to take care of itself. It regularly sheds dead skin cells to make room for new ones, but sometimes those dead cells form a barrier on your skin.

Exfoliation can make this problem a thing of the past. It gently removes those dead skin cells that make your skin appear ashy or dry. Some products double as a face wash and cleanse your skin's deeper layers.

Start exfoliating every day so you have a clean foundation for other home remedies that help your skin thrive.

2. Apply Coconut Oil

If you haven't tried it before, coconut oil could be the answer to your skin problems. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that treat inflamed atopic dermatitis by soothing irritation and redness.

As it moisturizes and heals with natural oil, you'll feel your skin strengthen and glow after just a few uses.

3. Use Sunscreen Year-Round

woman applying skincare

Everyone uses sunscreen regularly during the summer to avoid painful burns. Applying it year-round will reduce the ultraviolet (UV) damage that steals your skin's healthy glow.

Even during the middle of winter, sunlight is a sneaky skin threat. Snow and ice reflect 80% of UV rays that hit the ground, so you can get sunburned even if it's below freezing outside.

Experiment with new lotions and liquid foundations that include sunscreen to protect your skin from continued damage.

4. Drink More Water

Water is a quick skin fix that improves your overall health. It rehydrates your cells so your body can take care of itself.

You can always drink more water to get glowing skin. Whether you prefer it iced or flavored, drink eight glasses per day to prioritize your health. Setting alarms or using a water-tracking app will help you get into the habit.

5. Enjoy Honey Massages

Honey is a natural skin supplement that not many people know about. When you massage your skin with all-natural honey, it stimulates tissue growth in microscopic wounds from abrasions and acne.

Before you begin your honey massages, double-check the jar. Honey should be the only ingredient. Most of what you'll find at the grocery store is a sugar substitute. Buy local honey from farmers or all-natural, organic jars so you get the antibacterial properties that will help your skin.

It's also worth noting that organic honey will include the local pollen that bees have collected. People with extreme skin sensitivities or allergies could experience inflammation. Start with a small amount of honey and see how your skin reacts to stay safe.

Consider Your Skincare Needs

You'll find home remedies that work if you consider your skincare needs. Think about how often your skin is dry, oily or inflamed. You'll experience glowing skin by trying natural remedies that gently improve your health and wellness.