April 19, 2022 2 min read

Planning your wedding transportation might not sound as fun as picking out your gown, but it requires just as much creativity. Will you include all of your guests or only the party members? How will you and your partner make your entrance and exit?

Here are five big-day transport options and their benefits:

1. A Charter Bus

A charter bus lets you transport all your guests in style — or comfortably seat a bridal party fit for a queen! Such a move is savvy if you plan on serving alcohol. You do not want your big day marred by a DUI, and your guests will appreciate the designated driver.

Buses come in all shapes and sizes. Why not get creative, going with an old-fashioned school bus for your big day? You’ll have a fascinating backdrop for wedding photos while getting your guests to and from the reception hall. Eliminating the need for out-of-towners to navigate strange roads ensures everyone arrives on time.

2. The Classic Limousine

There is much to be said for the tried and true. Limousines offer the advantage of various sizes, letting you keep costs low for small, intimate affairs. However, longer stretch versions accommodate up to 20 people, plus the driver.

Limousines offer comfort and classic style. You will find a well-stocked bar inside most luxury models, allowing you to share a private adult beverage with your beloved as you head from the wedding site to the reception.

3. The Eco-Warrior

Scientists warn people are running out of time to halt climate change. Why not do your part and pick eco-friendly transportation alternatives? Many electric vehicles today go 200 miles or more on a single charge — you’ll have enough to get to the reception, the hotel and even the airport.

Do you want to go even greener? Consider riding off into the sunset on an e-bike. They are addictively fun to ride, but practice first — it takes a minute to get the knack of pedaling every once in a while, letting the battery do the rest.

4. The Biker Set

Of course, you might want a bigger motor than an e-bike if you and your mate dig adrenaline. If you ride motorcycles, why not feature them as your wedding transportation? You’ll make a dramatic and memorable entrance at your reception.

5. Saddle Up!

Do you want a truly unique wedding transportation idea? What did humans do before they invented cars?

They saddled up their ponies, that’s what! However, you do not have to be a skilled rider to pull off this idea. Why not charter an enchanted carriage ride, like something out of “Cinderella?” It won’t turn into a pumpkin if you party past midnight.

Wedding Transportation Options

Planning your wedding transportation might not seem as glamorous as picking out flowers and decor. However, you can get creative.

Consider one of the five wedding transportation options above for your big day. Each has its benefits and is sure to provide you with lots of great pictures and memories.