April 16, 2022 3 min read

7 Clever Ways to Save Money for Your Wedding 

You’re ready to get married to the love of your life, but weddings are expensive. It may seem like your only option is to delay your ceremony for months or even years.

 Instead of waiting longer than you’d like, use these clever ways to save money for your wedding, and you’ll have the budget you need in no time!

1. Consider Alternatives to Diamonds 

An old tradition advises couples to spend three months’ worth of their income on their engagement rings. It may have been more feasible in previous decades when the cost of living wasn’t as high, but it’s a struggle for many people to reach now.

Cubic zirconia looks exactly like authentic diamonds without the costly price tag. You can always upgrade later when you’re more financially secure by living in a dual-income household.

2. Cut Ties With Cable 

A recent report found that the average American pays $217.42 each month on cable, compared to $205.50 for their utility bills combined. Saving that much money could easily cover your invitations or a ticket to your honeymoon destination. Cut ties with your cable company and sign up for a streaming service instead. 

If you already have streaming services, you can always consider pausing a few accounts until after your wedding. Every dollar counts when buying decorations and planning your honeymoon.

3. Look Into Educational Tax Benefits 

If you’re one of the many college students who get engaged and married before graduation, you have a unique opportunity to save money for your wedding. Consult an expert to look into education tax benefits for university students.

You will save money on your tax bill and possibly get a more significant return in the spring, which is money you can put toward your wedding.

4. Start Carpooling With Friends 

Driving everywhere increases how much you need to spend on gas. Talk with your friends if they live near your home. You could carpool with them if they attend the same social activities or work in your office. Your efforts will reduce how often you purchase gas, making your dream wedding much easier to plan.

5. Volunteer for Odd Jobs 

People are always in need of help, but contractors and hired helpers are expensive. Volunteer your time to friends and family in exchange for a lesser hourly rate. They may be more than happy to pay for your help with things like:

  • Mowing their lawn
  • Watering their garden
  • Watching their pets
  • Washing their cars
  • Picking up their groceries 

You will also benefit from the extra experience that jobs like these offer. Pad your resume and your wedding savings by letting your loved ones know when you’re available to help.

6. Rent Your Car 

You may not have a spare bedroom for travelers to rent, but you can rent your car. Rental sites like Turo will run a background check on your application and approve you for their service if you haven’t been in any major accidents. You’ll get to set your prices and respond to booking requests.

7. Remember to Clear Your Cookies 

Cookies track your internet searches and send that information to brands. Companies automatically upcharge products you’re intentionally looking for, so clear your cookies regularly.

You’ll get the lowest prices for anything you need to buy online, like ceremony decor or bridesmaids’ gifts.

Save Money for Your Wedding 

Try using these clever ways to save money for your wedding and see how they make it much more manageable. You don’t have to sell your belongings or move in with your family to plan your dream ceremony. Think outside the box, and you’ll start growing your savings overnight.