June 14, 2021 2 min read

It’s fun to celebrate your new marriage in paradise, but not if it compromises your sustainable lifestyle. Eco-friendly travel requires a bit of planning, so use this guide to learn how to green your honeymoon and enjoy every moment while you’re away.

1. Research Accommodation Options

Even if you pick a remote honeymoon destination, there will likely be more than a few places to stay. Research and compare every accommodation option to discover which hotels or rental units are the most eco-friendly. You might find sustainable hotel programs or a condo powered by solar energy.

2. Bring What You Can

Frequent travelers might stock up on single-use plastic bottles of shampoo and body wash. Although they’re tiny and convenient, plastic materials often create waterway pollution. Ten rivers carry 93% of the world’s plastic into the ocean every year.

Take reusable bottles for toiletries and any other personal care items. You won’t need to throw them out after your honeymoon and add to planetary pollution.

3. Optimize Your Driving

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Road trip honeymoons are popular ways to celebrate after weddings, but they can also expand your carbon footprint. Instead of using your personal vehicle to drive across the county, look for a rental car that utilizes telematics.

The computer system will transmit data about its real-time energy usage and improve future car designs. You’ll make the future greener and eliminate the CO2 created by burning fossil fuels on the road.

4. Pick Sustainable Activities

Look into your destination to discover local activities. Instead of participating in unsustainable events like parades that burn gas or festivals without recycling bins, find eco-friendly alternatives. Hike a nature trail through a protected forest or see a concert with digital tickets instead of printed versions. Every effort makes the earth a cleaner place to live.

5. Offset Your Carbon Footprint

If you have to fly for your honeymoon, calculate your trip’s carbon footprint and donate money to offsetting charities. Even though you’ll still contribute to atmospheric pollution through funding the use of jet fuel, you’ll empower groups who can make a difference to directly offset however much carbon dioxide your trip contributes to global warming.

Plan to Green Your Honeymoon

Now that you know how to green your honeymoon, enjoy your planning process. Daydream about destinations and activities that will help you celebrate your marriage. You’ll find the best eco-friendly solutions for all of your travel dreams.