June 16, 2021 2 min read

Adding organic materials to your home gives it a rustic, elegant vibe. It also displays your creativity and celebrates your personal space. When it comes to upgrades, you might feel at a loss for guidance in a world of endless possibilities. These tips explain how to incorporate natural stone into your home’s interior so any room gains a timeless charm.

1. Change Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are a permanent home fixture, but it doesn’t always have to look the same. You can give it more texture with stone like granite or quartz. Find slabs to stack in place of wall tiles or lay them flush as the hearth. Play with colors to make your fireplace the centerpiece of your living room or a decorative addition.

2. Update Your Bathroom Walls

Stone walls also fit naturally into bathrooms. They make the smallest space more luxurious and add another layer to bathrooms with expansive tubs and walk-in showers. If you’re interested in updating your bathroom walls, prepare with the proper cleaning supplies. Without learning how to clean natural stone features in high-moisture environments, you might accidentally wear it down or stain it with chemicals.

3. Replace Your Counters

kitchen countertops

Many people also prefer to replace their kitchen countertops with stone. They pop underneath cabinets and around metallic appliances. Just take care to compare every option. You’ll find different benefits for each type of stone, like how quartz remains durable and resists staining or how marble comes in various colors.

4. Upgrade Your Shower

Stone showers are another option that add luxury to any bathroom. No matter what type of stone you prefer, it’ll pair nicely with a waterfall showerhead and natural lighting. Accentuate your upgrade by painting the surrounding walls with a neutral shade, drawing from the stone for inspiration.

The only thing to note is that your shower will soak your newly installed stone every day. It wears on the material and could cause cracking. Clean your new shower with sealant products and chemical-free soaps to preserve the stone’s integrity. It may sound intimidating, but anyone can quickly adapt to the new cleaning routine with a bit of practice.

5. Install Floating Shelves

Everyone could use a little more storage space, so why not create it with stone materials? Crafting entire cabinets out of stone would place a heavy burden on your walls and could lead to damage if they fall. Instead, you could install floating shelves.

Floating shelves are different because they don’t have apparent brackets or studs. They’re a minimalist way to display trinkets and books or fit extra storage space into a home without more room. It’s also the perfect storage solution for limestone or sandstone because it takes very little to make a visual impact.

Incorporate Natural Stone Into Your Home’s Interior

There are multiple ways to change up your house without a big budget. Once you learn how to incorporate natural stone into your home’s interior, you can personalize everything from your walls to your floors. Consider existing features and which spaces you most frequently use to find the best place for more stone in your house.