by Laura Mazzola May 26, 2016 3 min read

Buying vs Renting Votive Candle Holders!

We know this is a very common question! At our offices every day, we get folks calling to do a little price comparison on ! Either their venue, florist, or wedding planner has given them a price list as they plan! They want to see what the difference will be to make their decision!
Renting simply means that you pay for something that you will use and return. Buying means you will purchase an item/items that you will pay for and keep.So when it comes to certain products, like votive candle holders, you might want to try and make an educated decision. We are here to help!


• Most rental companies charge a fee for delivery, or you can choose to pick them up.• Your votive candle holders are ready to use.• You will return the candle holders and will not have to clean them.• You will have to pay for the votive candles that go into your chosen votive candle holders. They might have this cost already in the price of the rental or it will be an add-on line item.


• Your votive candle holders are delivered right to your doorstep.• You can purchase votive candle holders and in ready to use sets.• You might want to clean your holders if you feel they have gotten dirty in transit (but keep in mind this might happen with rental items as well).• You get to keep the votive holders and candles at the end of the event!

What do I do with all these candle holders?

  • Keep them and use in your home or office.
  • Donate them to your church! A tax write off and I’m sure your church would be so thankful.
  • Gift the votive candle holders once cleaned and fill with new candles, your friends will be delighted!
  • Donate to another worthy cause, a soup kitchen or non-profit!
  • Re-sale to other brides who will be thrilled with hand-me down votive candle holders for their wedding!

Once of the common questions when it comes to renting verses buying is that people aren’t sure why they would need all of the extra items! We understand that a lot of folks don’t have unlimited space in their home or office to store extras. But when you look at the facts of the cost difference and also weigh the different ways you can donate or re-gift, it might be an easier answer than you originally thought!

A simple votive candle holder and votive candle combination for rent can cost $1 a piece. When you look at purchasing these items, you quickly realize that if you purchased a set of 288 votive holders and the candles from Quick Candles, this would cost you $149.99. That is about half at $.52 for the combo! That is a substantial savings!

Also, most events you might need candles for will last approximately 4-6 hours. By purchasing our 10 hour votive candles with the votive candle holders, you are ensured another couple of hours of gorgeous glow from the set!T

he clean-up is so easy by simply popping the holders in the freezer or just soaking with some water and the wax will release and come out! If you’ve purchased clear glass, it’s as simple as placing in the dishwasher and your holders are like brand new!

We know that time is money! But we also know that money doesn’t grow on trees! Depending on your situation, there might be times you can rent, but also purchase! If your budget doesn’t allow for a lot of extras, do your research and pick which items are best for you to rent and which are best to buy! It’s great to have choices!