May 26, 2016 3 min read

Floating Candles Are Great Table Centerpieces

Floating candles & table centerpieces! If someone were to ask you if you could create a table centerpiece for them, what would your answer be? Would you tremble with fear? Say, thank you for asking but no way could I do that? Well, we are here to tell you, you can create your very own centerpieces and why floating candles can help you achieve the perfect look!
Floating candles and table centerpieces are a match made in event design heaven! The perfect pairing to create a centerpiece that will WOW all of your guests!

A centerpiece can be created by using varying containers.

Most people use cylinder vases, low lying options like bubble balls or dish gardens, square vases, crystal bowls, or even a grouping of several types of holders. Table centerpieces are the focal point of a table and if you take the time to create one, it needs to be a thoughtful arrangement. Now, notice I said a thoughtful arrangement, not intricate or hard to create!

Floating candles can be placed in almost any vessel that holds water. And with choices in sizes of floaters, you can choose the perfect size for whichever holder you choose to start with to create the focal point of you table.

If you are using a clear glass vase in any shape or size, you instantly have a blank canvas for getting creative in design. Clear glass vases provide you with the opportunity to showcase something in the blank real estate of the glass from the bottom area to the top. When using a floating candle in the centerpiece design, this allows you the space underneath the candle. Go ahead and pull out a clear glass vase and experiment with this! Start with the water in the vase, fill it up about half way and look at the vase with nothing in it. Now go and grab a few of your favorite items. Maybe it’s a flower out of the yard, your favorite fern leaf, a silk flower, some left over mardi gras beads, some fruit out of the fridge, or even a kitchen utensil!

Now you have your table stocked with simple additions to use. Place one of those items inside and just look at it! How the water magnifies the item of choice. Now, by using the wick, place your floating candle atop whatever is below! Take a moment to look at the inside and the effect of what you are using and see how it makes you feel? Table centerpieces should have a happy or joyful feel to them when placed on a table. If you got it right the first time, way to go! But if you didn’t, move on to the next objects you initially chose and move forward with the same process until you have found just the right look.

Floating candles atop anything create instant ambiance. You already have created a unique look for inside your glass vessel! Now, by simple adding some candle glow atop, the entire look of the vase and centerpiece have been changed. Floating candles not only allow you to create the glow, but with lots of color options for floating candles, you have instantly added a little pop of color to your table within your centerpiece!

Talk about versatility! Floating Candles are just that! They can be easily added to any dish, bowl, or vase to create the perfect centerpiece for whatever the occasion! That’s why we think Floating candles make great centerpieces! Floating Candle Centerpieces will easily create AMAZING in your space!