July 28, 2017 3 min read

You're engaged. So you need to start planning, and choosing a color palette. The onslaught on questions is coming in from everywhere. "What's the date," "Have you found the dress?" and of course "Where are you going to have the ceremony?" Naturally, choosing a color palette has to happen before a lot of your other planning begins.

Now, some brides have their color palette chosen from the age of 13, and others don't. Either way, when you decide on choosing a color palette, that's about half the wedding details taken care of. Deciding on a color palette for your wedding gives you the basis of guidelines for a number of things. Your bridesmaid's dresses, floral arrangements and general decor are all tied into a color palette.

choosing a color palette

But, how do you decide on your color palette for your wedding? Well there are an infinite number of ways to go about choosing a color palette! So break out your Pinterest board and we'll get cracking on a few ideas on how to choose your perfect palette!

Your Favorite Colors

This is probably one of the easiest ways to go about choosing a color palette. If you use your favorite colors, you don't even have to really think about it all! If you want to keep your palette white with one or two other colors this is the way to do it! This can keep your look simple with just the occasional pop of color.

Nature Inspired

Nature is always a beautiful place to draw inspiration. Choosing a color palette can be as simple as looking at the nature around you. This is a particularly good idea if you're planning on an outdoor wedding. Your decor will automatically match with the nature around you, which creates a seamless look.

Birthstone inspired

Jewel tones are always a beautiful route to go. Plus you can use your fiance's birthstone as the other color in your palette. This can help you pick out jewelry that will mean something to both of you, and can create a vibrant look for your wedding and the colors you use in your decor.

Soft & Neutral

Using soft or neutral colors in your palette allow the focus to be on you and your fiance rather than on the decor around you. Choosing simple neutral colors allow the people to really shine in the photography rather than the colors being the first thing to pop out.

Loud & Bright

Some people love for everything to be colorful, even their wedding. If you enjoy loud colors in your day to day life, why not use that in choosing a color palette? Your fun colors will match your personality and your guests will enjoy a brightly colored event they'll never forget.Once you are done choosing a color palette, you can begin looking at your decor. You can either have the color palette you have chosen be a part of every aspect of the decor, or keep it more simplistic and have your palette pop out in bits of accent decor by using charger plates, candles or in your floral arrangements. This all depends on each individual bride and what she likes stylistically. There's no right and wrong when it comes to choosing what you like.

No matter what you decide on, choosing a color palette sets the mood and tone for your big day. This is the basis of your expressive freedom for planning a stunning day you will remember fondly for years to come.