July 21, 2017 2 min read

String lights can add to your decor without a doubt! But how do you use them? Well, here at Quick Candles we have a few ways you can use string lights for decorating.

Since some string lights have a wire cord, these lights are easily modifiable and will sit how you want them to. You can also get different color options within your string lights. With cool white or amber, the different hues can add different moods with their warmth and coolness to fulfill any need!

If you've been looking around at decorating inspiration lately, you've definitely seen string lights used. These are smaller than a set of Christmas lights and don't even require an outlet. String lights are an easy way to add to your decor in smaller increments. Since there are only around 20 LED bulbs per strand it is easy to use string lights for decorating.
string lights for decorating

The ability to twist and bend string lights for decorating makes it super easy to be creative in your decor. This allows you to wrap them around items such as candles, holders or to add an extra glowing touch to your decor. However, you can also fill vases or smaller holders, like our hanging glass tealight holder to give a whimsical twist to your decor. You can even layer it with moss or other plants to give it a woodland inspired look. My personal favorite is placing the string lights in an empty wine bottle for a festive look.

Our wire string lights are submersible so you can place them in water to add a cool effect in vases or dish gardens. Either way, they look amazing in or out of water, the choice is yours.Perhaps wire string lights are too simple for you. So there are other kinds of string lights for decorating that are an option. String lights with flowers, diamonds, and balls for the lights can add a more elegant touch. You can drape around vases and glassware, or placed around a centerpiece to add a glow at the base of your decor. They also add a romantic vibe if you lay them in front of the fireplace to create a soft glow.

The bonus of string lights is that they come with around 100 hours of battery life. This means you can use them again and again to add a glow. Plus they use button cell or AA batteries so you can continue using them for as long as you want. Any string lights you may want for an event can easily be re-purposed in your home as an addition to your decor. Which means you don't have to go through the hassle of storing them like you would with Christmas lights

Using string lights for decorating will add a soft whimsical glow to however you want to use them. No matter how you use them, string lights will definitely light up your home or any event.