August 21, 2019 2 min read

While matching is always a safe choice, a mix and match tablescape is the perfect way to create a unique vibe!

Your mix and match tablescape can be for your wedding, party or just in your dining room. The options are endless!

No matter where you have it, your mix and match tablescape will create amazing texture and colors that your friends and family will obsess over!

Choose contrasting colors

Mix and Match Tablescape Mixing and matching colors is the easiest way to create some intrigue even on a simple tablescape. This is also where you can create the overall mood over your tablescape. Choose a coordinating napkin ring that will add a pop of interest against a different charger plate! You can also play with the color scheme by using table runners, candles or holders.


Mix and match sizes

Mix and Match Tablescape Using different sized candle holders is a great way to add interest to your tablescape and keep it from looking too matchy-matchy. Using taper candle holders or pillar candle stands can also give you the look of different heights while still being similarly styled if you would prefer to have it match some.


Change your textures
Using wood-grain, marble or woven charger plates allows for some texture on your mix and match tablescape. You can also use candle holders with texture to create a different look with your tablescape. Texture allows you to create different vibes for your tablescape.
Use natural items
Mix and Match Tablescape Natural items, such as stones or gourds naturally look different from each other. So items like this are not only perfect for fall, but perfect to allow you to create a mix and match tablescape easily. With natural items, texture, color and size vary from piece to piece. If you love a rustic look, you can even use tree slices as the perfect, unique charger plate.
Make your own rules
Mix and Match Tablescape With your mix and match tablescape, everything is up to you. This allows your inner event planner and creative to come out and play. While we've given you some ideas on how to create your mix and match tablescape, the possibilities are truly endless. With the creation of your own tablescape, you can create something truly unique that your friends and family will admire.
Creating a tablescape doesn't have to mean keeping everything simple or have it match. With creating something all your own, you can DIY your tablescape until you create the perfect setting for whatever you may want it for. mix and match tablescape