August 28, 2019 2 min read

With fall being just around the corner, you can start planning the autumn atmosphere you would like to create in your home.

Creating an autumn atmosphere can be as simple as changing out your pillar candles! While a classic white or ivory candles is timeless, using deep colors can really bring out the feeling of fall.

To create an autumn atmosphere there's quite a few color options you can choose from to make your own perfect look. With all these options, it's easy to find the perfect pillar candle that will give you the autumn atmosphere that your are craving in your home.

Red Pillar Candles
Autumn Atmosphere Red is a classic fall color that matches well with the gold and brown tones of autumn. You can use red pillar candles to add a splash of bright color to your autumn atmosphere.
Add these wherever you want a splash of color, and the red will transition into the holiday season as well!
Orange Pillar Candles
Autumn Atmosphere Orange is another colorful choice you can add to your autumn atmosphere. Choosing a bold color like orange will give you a gorgeous look that will match fall flowers as well as gourds.
Place a few orange pillar candles in a metal lantern on your porch to complement your jack-o-lanterns.
Yellow Pillar Candles
Autumn Atmosphere While you might think of yellow pillar candles as being more for spring or summer, they definitely have a place in autumn inspired decor. Yellow will bring out the golden tones in leaves, as well as give you a slightly brighter autumn atmosphere.
Place these yellow pillars next to a vase filled with sunflowers for a perfect, bright pairing.
Brown Pillar Candles
Autumn Atmosphere Brown is a traditional fall color choice, it matches the leaves, goes well with pumpkins and even transitions into Thanksgiving. Brown pillar candles go well with natural products such as preserved leaves and wood slices.
Pair these with some gourds and tree slices to create the perfect fall tablescape that you can keep throughout fall!
Black Pillar Candles
Autumn Atmosphere A little bit spooky and a bit modern, black pillar candles are a different, chic color choice for fall. This choice is not only perfect for those who love Halloween, but those who love a modern, minimalist type of look. Place these black pillars on your mantle or side table to an extra sophisticated flair.
Now, creating an autumn atmosphere in your home doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, all it takes is a candle swap. By using fall inspired pillar candles, you can add a touch of fall without actually changing anything more than the candles you have placed throughout your home. autumn atmosphere