May 11, 2016 4 min read

Easy Decorating Ideas for an Outdoor Party!

An outdoor party is so much fun this time of year! The weather is getting nice and folks want to be outside! So why not have a PARTY? Many of us get nervous when thinking of having people over and having to decorate. Well we are here to not only show you in this fun short DIY video, but also give you a handy guide you can go by to create your very own AMAZING outdoor party

!The first thing to do when hosting a party is decide on your theme or colors!

Once you have done this, all the other décor can easily fall into place!

For our fun outdoor party, we chose a simple white, silver, and black color palette! Anytime you are hosting an event that will end at night when it will be dark, white is always a great option to have a cool white look against the night sky!

Our first products we are using are white paper lanterns and white paper pompoms! These two products are not only fun but add a festive touch to the space! Hanging these from trees, decking, or pergolas instantly create a thoughtful touch that guests will remember! And the costs of these are so nominal but make such a big impact outside!

We are filling some of the paper lanterns with LED fairy lights to illuminate them! The look is spectacular when hanging at dusk and dark! You can also hang LED tealights inside for the same effect!

We also have chosen some large and small lanterns in stainless steel as well as black metal! Lanterns outside are such a great addition for outdoor entertaining! Some of our lanterns we will fill with LED candles while others will be filled with pillar candles! It’s always great to remember the elements when entertaining outside! Always have a back-up plan to a real flame like LED candles that are no hassle and will not be affected by the breeze, some rain drops, or even lack of time for lighting!

If you have water in your yard, from a fountain, bird bath, pool, hot tub, or lake do not overlook these great spaces to add glow! In our setting we are using fabulous and fun LED remote control submersible vase lights! These are placed in the hot tub to add some festive lighting! Instead of keeping the hot tub covered up, we chose to showcase the water and even added a fun flamingo float! You want your guests to enjoy the whole experience of being at your party! Thoughtful and fun touches achieve this without breaking the budget

!It is always great to make sure pathways and certain areas of the yard have lighting! Using Shepherd Hooks with hanging holders filled with candle light will add glow to the spaces you’d like to make sure have some glow! 2” floating candles will provide hours of burn time for an evening gathering! We also love LED pillar candles! Lighting stairs with just a small LED pillar candle can illuminate an area that in the dark can get tricky!

Adding little touches of candle light on tables, deck railings, food tables, or bar areas keeps the glow going throughout the whole outdoor space! Achieve this by votive holders & LED candles or tealight candles! We are using beautiful frosted holders with LED tealights to simulate a real candle glow!This time of year can be hot or cold! Sometimes if you have a fire pit, you might not need a whole fire so we are adding cylinder vases and pillar candles to our fire pit area to produce a fire like glow and twinkle!

We also love the idea of hanging light from anywhere in your yard or outdoor venue! Choosing clear glass hanging holders filled with either LED tealights, 2” floating candles, or regular tealights will brighten up the night sky and is so easy! Using decorative wire in silver, we created intrigue by hanging at different heights and filled with different candle options. Mixing in with the paper lanterns & paper pompoms! Remember you don’t have to have all your lighting or holders match! Get creative by mixing and matching finishes, colors, and textures and the result will be uniquely your style!
If you are having food or a bar area, personalization is easy and inexpensive! We love to use Chalkboard accessories to make it easy for guests to see what is being offered by way of food or specialty cocktails!

A few tips:

  • Make sure you have a timeline on decorating!
  • Confirm food vendors, music, and any other hired professionals prior to party day.
  • Enlist some good friends/family to assist with placement of products, lighting candles, putting snacks and drinks out! Friends & family want to feel needed, so let them help.
  • Allow time for lighting candles prior to guests arriving. You don’t want to be running around like crazy as guests arrive.
  • Take time before guests arrive to take a once-over look and make sure that all elements of the design are complete.
  • Make sure there are trash receptacles placed through the yard so it’s easy for guests to get rid of their drinks and plates.
  • Make sure you welcome guests as they arrive and enjoy the beautiful setting you have prepared! Have fun and party responsibly!
  • At the end of the party, make sure you blow out all real flames! Get a few late party friends to help you ensure there is nothing left lit or on.

Congratulate yourself on a FABULOUS Party! You created your very own AMAZING!!!