May 17, 2016 3 min read

How to Hang Candle Lanterns and Other Holders!

It’s time for a gathering at your home or you are planning a wedding or some type of event! You’ve looked all over Pinterest & through magazines and you have decided you want to light up your space with gorgeous candle ! You want to AMAZE your guests and want to light up the night!

We have a few helpful hints and tips on how to easily suspend your lanterns to create the perfect ambiance!

Let’s first start with making sure you can reach limbs or decking safely to suspend the candle lanterns! Once you have decided you can safely hang lanterns in your desired locations, then let’s get to work!

Safety should always include a buddy if you are using a ladder or some type of step stool to reach your desired location! The worst thing that could happen is for you not to be able to attend your very own event because you were hurt trying to make the venue look amazing! So be safe!

Choosing the right type of material for suspending your candle lanterns can depend on a few factors!

Are your lanterns heavy? Some glass lanterns can be relatively heavy and might not be the right match for suspending above guests! Other lanterns might be super light and will easily suspend! We suggest using a candle lantern that is not too heavy! There are so many options that you don’t have to be tied to using something heavy that you will worry about during your party! Some of our favorite candle lanterns are smaller glass but when filled with a candle, they make a huge impact! One of our favorite hanging products is paper lanterns! So incredibly light and can easily be filled with LED fairy lights to create this amazing glow from within that will delight guests!

Paper LED Candle Lanterns

What type of product will you use to suspend the candle lanterns?

One of our very favorite types of material is ! Decorative wire is super sturdy, provides ease in hanging lanterns, and can be re-used time and time again!Another great option is twine. Purchased from your local hardware store, twine is a great reliable product for suspending your lanterns!

Some folks like to choose ribbon! Just make sure your ribbon will accommodate the weight of your candle lantern. Ribbon can be beautiful, but not so pretty if your lanterns fall during your event!

We always suggest trying out your desired look overnight prior to your event to make sure it holds up to the elements as well as the weight of your candle lantern! You will then have the confidence your design will be perfect for your guests!

One thing to remember is your lighting inside your candle lanterns! We suggest using options any time available for outdoor/nighttime lighting! This is a hassle-free option that allows you to pre-fill your candle lanterns when you suspend them and already have the light turned on! The lighting and the hanging of the lanterns is all done together which takes out some of the last minute rush to make sure your candles are lit prior to the event!

The look, ambiance, and glow provided by candle lanterns can make an average event or venue a magical one! By following a few easy steps, you can create your very own nighttime wonderland for your guests!

Each and every time, you can create your very own AMAZING with candle lanterns!