Can you plan a DIY Wedding?

April 07, 2017 3 min read

Can you plan a DIY Wedding?

DIY wedding

Do-It-Yourself. DIY Wedding. What a concept? We love talking each day to Brides, Mothers of the Bride, Mothers of the Groom, Grooms, and family friends that are self-confessed DIY-ers! With the influx of a huge amount of content available at the touch of your fingers, I believe we all think we have a little do it yourself in us! It all looks so easy when watching someone else effortlessly do it “themselves”!

Here at we can provide all the supplies a bride needs to create her perfect DIY wedding for a steal! Candles, trays, vases, table cloths and runners, the options are endless for any bride who dreams of a DIY wedding!

DIY is enticing to those that don’t have BIG budgets, it’s also intriguing to those that love to have control of things! So, is DIY right for you? I think by asking a few simple questions, you can easily decide if you are ready for a DIY wedding!

Let’s Get Started:

  1. Do you realistically have time?
  2. Will you commit?
  3. Are you the least bit crafty?
  4. Do you have family or friend support?
  5. Have you decided how much DIY on the big day is do-able?

Question 1:Do you realistically have time?

This is truly the most important question. DIY projects take time, and some of them not just a little bit! For you to successfully have a DIY wedding, you will need to KNOW that you have time on your hands to create & execute the do-it-yourself portion of your wedding. This will take some honesty with yourself. How long do you have to plan? How much are you trying to achieve? Do you work? If so, will your work schedule allow you to complete the DIY project? Once you have honestly answered this question and the answer is YES, then read on to see if you can get YES’s to all the questions!

Question 2:Will you commit?

You have committed to a life together with your fiancé, but can you commit to following through with the DIY projects you have set before you? This one is tricky! Everyone is excited when they begin planning a wedding, you have dreamed of it since you were a little girl! Now you have ideas in your head and your Pinterest Board is exploding with ideas that look so easy! Just make sure that the projects and your reality match up. The worst thing you can do is to start a DIY project for your wedding and either have to back out or half do it!

Question 3:Are you the least bit crafty?

I LOVE this question! Do-it-Yourself and Crafty go hand in hand! So if you are thinking that you can create a DIY idea without the love of hot glue, tape, ribbon, intricate details, and patience…then stop now!

Question 4:Do you have family or friend support?

Support on DIY projects is pretty imperative! Depending on how much of your wedding will be DIY, making sure you have enough hands to help you with the project or projects can help you make the decision to DIY or not.

Question 5:Have you decided how much DIY on the big day is do-able?

DIY wedding

Remember this is YOUR Day, and adding any amount of work or stress to such an important day might not be the right choice. This day should be the most special you have had in your life so far! If you think you have only a project or two that will be done prior to the big day, then DIY might be great. But if you are thinking you will do the flower arrangements or decorating of the venue, make sure that you will allow time for all of that so you can enjoy your day.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love DIY projects and there are projects that can be done beautifully and timely! But by answering the questions, you can decide if DIY is the way to go!

If after reading and answering the questions, you realize DIY might not be for you, there are fabulous Wedding Planners that are affordable and can make your dreams become a reality!

Stay tuned for some easy DIY projects that are easy to create and will be a WOW factor for your guests!