January 16, 2018 2 min read

Spring and your wedding are coming up, but you don't know what to do for your centerpiece. All you know is you want to create your own Pinterest perfect DIY wedding centerpiece.

However, with just a few items including a wood planter box, preserved hydrangeas and brunia berries you can make a beautiful DIY wedding centerpiece. For a pop of color and texture add sola flowers, blue hydrangea and trim the planter box with a crocheted lace. diy wedding centerpiece
  1. Start with the planter box and place some floral foam inside to give your flowers some height. Floral foam creates a longer flower life if you are using real flowers. Depending on the planter and foam you may have to cut the foam to fit your planters.
  2. Place the preserved hydrangeas throughout the planter box. Separate the brunia berries, and add 3-5 berry stems every 4 inches or so. You can alter this based on the length and size of your planter. diy wedding centerpiece
  3. Fill in the gaps with the blue silk hydrangea sections and sola flowers. Sola flowers come from the tapioca plant and are completely natural. Sola flowers won't wilt, or fade so they fit in perfectly with your preserved and silk flowers.diy wedding centerpiece
  4. Trim the box with lace ribbon. This can be white or colored ribbon depending on your theme. If you're aiming for a more minimalist look feel free to skip this step, but it does create a whimsical feel to the centerpiece. diy wedding centerpiece
You can use a glue gun to attach the sola flowers and hydrangea sections. Using silk or preserved flowers allows you to create your DIY wedding centerpiece a few weeks, or months, in advance. However, you can substitute real flowers if you prefer. Real flowers are a bit more high maintenance, but look equally as beautiful.
Creating a DIY wedding centerpiece doesn't have to be difficult. Luckily, this DIY wedding centerpiece can change to reflect your theme or season! Changing out the flowers in this centerpiece can make it perfect for any bride. Changing the planter you use will also change the look of the centerpiece to your taste. Although we are partial to this cool-toned centerpiece. And lastly, don't forget the candles!
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diy wedding centerpiece