January 05, 2018 3 min read

Everything you've done to decorate your space makes it feel like it's truly yours. However, it still feels like it's missing something. Adding simple candle holders to any spaces will complete the decor plus make it feel cozy.

simple candle holders Maybe part of your New Year's resolution is to make your space feel more like yours. But some part of it feels missing, and you need that cozy factor. Some people will add extra blankets, or throw pillows to create that cozy feel. However, we feel like candles are the best way to create a cozy feel, especially in the winter. Depending on your decor, you may feel adding a bunch of candles and candle holders may be a tad too much. Perhaps you worry it will mess with the aesthetic or feng shui of the room. Lucky for all of us, simple candle holders can add to your room without taking away from the overall look you're searching for.
simple candle holders
Clear and Frosted Simple Candle Holders
One of the most basic and beloved simple candle holders that exist are clear holders. These holders can be basic, have a funky texture or interesting shape to hold your candles. These clear holders will let your candlelight show through without adding another color or pattern to your home decor. Using clear cylinder holders and pillar candles adds not only candlelight, but creates its own simple statement in your home. Votive and tealight candle holders are better if you want something smaller and more understated. Using clear simple candle holders will allow your other decor to exist without being overwhelmed. However, it will still add something to the overall feel of the room. This is perfect for people who want to give their house a minimalist feel, but keep the cozy aspect of a home. Frosted candle holders give the same simple look of clear glass, but create a more diffused look to the flame of the candle. This is perfect if you want to use LED candles, but want to create the illusion of a real flame. Frosted glass disguises the LED within the candle holder.
Colorful Simple Candle Holders

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If clear candle holders aren't your jam, there are also colored, mercury and lace candle holders. These are simple candle holders with a touch more interest than their clear counterparts. Having a colored simple candle holder is ideal if you want to add a splash of color in with your decor, or if you have a theme. These holders range in shapes and sizes as well as finish. Using colorful, simple candle holders allows you to create a different kind of glow. This can help give a contrast to existing decorations. It also can give a more seasonal feel to your home if you want to switch up the holders every few months. Mercury glass is on trend and is a finish on many simple candle holders. From basic votive holders to pillar candle stands, mercury ups the elegance on your candle holders and decor. If you want a touch more pattern to your simple candle holders without having it overwhelming your decor, lace votive holders add delicate beauty to their surroundings. Using simple candle holders, you can create a cozy atmosphere perfect for your space. Not only does it bring up the light in the room, but candlelight truly makes your house feel like a home. simple candle holders