April 14, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: Elevating Your Venue With LED's

 Your venue will set the backdrop for some of your favorite memories! It should shine on your wedding day. Unfortunately, even professional settings often lack the proper lighting to make that happen.

Learn more about elevating your venue with LED's to get the perfect scenery for your big day.

1. Add Your Unique Style

Anyone can get married in a room with fluorescent lights built into the ceilings, but those don’t add any design flair to your ceremony or reception area. Consider if you want rustic, classic, or modern decor around your venue to pick the perfect light fixtures like lamps or string lights.

You can use light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs to illuminate each room with the strength of a fluorescent bulb without the clinical feel of their white lighting.

2. Consider the Environment

Brides should note that the indoor or outdoor temperature can affect their light bulbs. Although LED lights work in any setting, they perform better in cold temperatures because it puts less stress on the internal drivers that create the light.

If possible, keep your LED lighting inside your venue unless you’ll host your wedding in the winter months. You will get better light from them without the bulbs using more electricity than usual.

3. Enhance Lighting for Your Photos

Sometimes the lamps and candles that come with a venue don’t light it well enough for a professional photographer. Bringing a few extra lights with LED bulbs is an instant fix.

Your pictures will perfectly capture things like your groom’s facial hair that he made perfect with oils and scissors to melt your heart at the altar. Your photographer will also get more natural lighting that reduces how much editing goes into your final picture collections.

4. Create Fun Photo Opportunities

Elevating your venue with LEDs also creates the possibility for more photo opportunities. You could hang lights around a photo booth for your guests to pose with a floral or rustic backdrop. Your photographer also won’t feel limited to taking pictures at locations in your venue.

5. Bring Your Lights Home

Your wedding could become an investment in your home if you use LED lights. While you might rent other supplies, you can use your LED light features long after your wedding day because they work so well in home settings. Use them to set the mood for dinner parties and holiday gatherings, both indoors and outside.

Elevate Your Wedding Venue

Now that you know more about elevating your venue with LEDs, consider how additional lighting could make your wedding more enjoyable. No matter how you use them, LED bulbs will enhance the romantic nature of your big day and help everyone have a better experience.