September 02, 2020 3 min read

Summer is usually a time for vacations and hanging out with all of your favorite people, but 2020 changed everything. The COVID-19 pandemic may have prevented you from taking that vacation you've waited so long for or canceled the concert you wanted to see so badly. Most people watched their summer plans crumple as the infection rate rose, but there are a few ways you can still enjoy the last remaining days of summer.

Check out these ideas for a bit of end of summer fun. They're safe outdoor activities anyone can do during COVID-19, so think about what you want to do and see if you can make it happen while staying safe.

1. Head to the Farmer's Market

salad bowl

As scientists began to study COVID-19 at the start of the year, they quickly realized it was a highly contagious disease. After the world sheltered in place and waited for more guidance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared indoor settings riskier than people walking around outside. A steady breeze circulates the air, so activities like going to the farmer's market are less risky than walking around the grocery store.

Most farmer's markets happen outdoors, although it's still wise to wear a mask to reduce your transmission. Try to go when there are fewer people there, like early in the morning or closing time. You can shop and help the local economy before the markets shut down due to cold weather.

2. Hike a Local Trail

Hiking is another outdoor activity that's relatively safe, as long as you maintain social distancing from other hikers. It's even more enjoyable at the end of the summer because it's cooler outside. During your next free morning or evening, hike a local trail. The exercise will feel refreshing after quarantining in your home and you'll get plenty of gorgeous pictures to post online.

3. Pack for a Picnic

Don't feel like exercising? Take your family or roommates and find the perfect place for a picnic. Everyone can relax outside instead of staying cramped indoors. Picnics are an excellent opportunity to indulge in delicious foods and play outdoor games like cornhole. Try to only stay with the people you live with or stay six feet apart from the loved ones you meet with at the park.

4. Enjoy an Outdoor Movie Night

You don't have to leave your driveway to get out of the house if you host an outdoor movie night for yourself and whoever lives in your home. Use a projector to watch your feature film or snuggle up with your loved ones around your laptop out on your patio. Don't forget movie night essentials like snacks and desserts so it feels like an evening retreat.

5. Schedule a Camping Trip

fire pit

Camping has become one of the most popular 2020 vacation ideas. Rental camp spots are relatively cheap compared to hotel rooms and you can get away from home without worrying about being around strangers indoors. Find a camping site that doesn't crowd tents or RVs close together and maintain social distancing standards from other campers while you kayak, hike or fish on your next vacation.

Get Creative With Ideas

Before COVID-19, your go-to activities may have been shopping at the mall or attending a house party. Although those things are a risk during this pandemic, you can get creative with ideas and still have some end of summer fun. Try these safe outdoor activities during COVID-19 to make the most out of 2020 before cold weather ushers everyone back inside.