September 08, 2020 2 min read

Bonfires are one of the most popular wedding trends because they offer a calming ambiance and cozy mood lighting. Make the most out of this brilliant idea by preparing a bonfire reception. Check out a few tips so you know exactly how to make this an elegant natural element in your wedding.

1. Check Local Ordinances

Even if you have a small wedding with only close family and friends, you'll still have to check local ordinances to see if you can lawfully light a bonfire. Depending on where you host your wedding, you could be subject to a required permit or fire department inspection before your wedding day.

Before you announce your plans to kick back after your ceremony in front of a roaring fire, research the legal steps you should take to ensure you don't break any laws. They're a simple way to keep everyone safe and have a great time.

2. Prepare Emergency Supplies

Even if everyone plays it safe, fire is unpredictable. Plan to have emergency supplies nearby, like a hose and a fire extinguisher. Even if you prep the area by clearing out flammable leaves and sticks, quick access to fire fighting equipment could save the day.

3. Provide Comfortable Seating


It isn't easy to enjoy a bonfire without a comfy place to sit and relax. Skip the hard plastic lawn chairs at discount stores and find inspiration for comfortable seating that doubles as decor. Cushioned chairs or chaise loungers are just a few creative ways for everyone to have fun at your bonfire reception.

4. Consider Hiring Help

Every couple deserves to relax and not worry about the little things during their wedding reception. Leave your hostess hat at the door and consider hiring help to make the reception a success. A bonfire butler service crew will tend to the firepit so it crackles all night long and you don't have to worry about fueling the flames or keeping an eye on it.

5. Rent a Food Truck

After you light your bonfire, you shouldn't have to go back indoors to get your drinks, snacks and desserts. Renting a food truck solves this problem. Think about what you want to serve at your reception and keep food truck tips in mind when deciding what you want to do. See if they're allowed at your venue or if you need further permits before putting down a deposit.

Plan Now to Have Fun Later

Preparing a bonfire reception is simple if you plan now and have fun later. Details like figuring out who will tend to the fire all night and if there are legal restrictions at your venue will pull everything together so your wedding reception is a dream come true.