February 12, 2020 3 min read

When winter finally starts giving way to spring, it's exciting to think about all the things you're free to do. Everyone can leave their jackets behind and go to seasonal festivals or head outside for a walk in the beautiful weather. You'll also probably switch your winter wardrobe out for your spring clothes. But what happens when you get an invitation in the mail?

Spring is a popular time of year for parties and weddings. You'll have to think about what you'll wear to each event, which can be stressful after relying on heavy jackets and thick sweaters for so many months. Check out these fashion tips for upcoming spring events so your outfits are always in style. Whether you prefer something edgy or more casual, you'll find the fashion advice you're looking for to help you put together the perfect outfit for whatever events you're looking forward to. Fashion Tips
1. Find Trusty Flats
Flats are like the little black dress of shoes. You can wear them to almost any occasion and play around with their features. Flats with a bit of a heel are perfect for work parties, but a pair with no heels and a pointed toe would look great too. Look around for flats in different colors, patterns and textures. They can be your statement accessory or blend seamlessly into whatever outfit you put together. Keep in mind that flats may not be the best choice if your spring event happens outdoors after a rain shower, since they're known to soak up water and feel soggy compared to something like wedges.
2. Carry a Small Purse
It used to be popular to carry around the largest tote bags you could find, but smaller purses are making a comeback. Once you have an idea of what clothes you'll wear, choose a trendy clutch to complete the outfit. Depending on the occasion, you may get one in burgundy leather or a bedazzled silver sheen. Whatever you do, avoid overstuffing the purse. It defeats the purpose and makes the clutch look out of place.
3. Show Off High-Waisted Jeans
You might not think jeans would fit in at a dinner out with coworkers or another social event, but you can easily dress them up. Avoid pairs with rips in them, but you can still wear jeans in different styles with everything from blazers to blouses. Play around with cuffed hems to add a bit of flair to the pair you fall in love with.
4. Wear a Leather Jacket
Sometimes spring weather makes the day chillier than expected. When you don't feel comfortable stepping out in a sleeveless outfit, wear a leather jacket. They make the perfect accessory because they coordinate with most outfits. Before you zip one up or drape it over your shoulders, learn about different kinds of leathers so you pick the best jacket for your fashion needs.
5. Get a Floral Dress
Fashion Tips There's no better time of year than spring to step out in a floral dress. Find one in a maxi size that sweeps down to your sandals for an Easter brunch or a classy A-line dress that will dazzle people on a wedding dance floor. Another bonus of getting a floral dress is that you can find them in many different colors and prints, so your options are limitless no matter where you shop.
6. Model a Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
People used to reserve jumpsuits for the office, but now they fit right in at any spring event. Wear one to a work party with a nice blazer or choose a casual cotton jumpsuit for that music festival you're looking forward to. Once you find one you like, take it to a tailor so you look your best in your one-piece outfit.
Try Something New
While you're daydreaming about spring vacations and activities coming up on your calendar, think about what you'll wear. Depending on your style, you could rock a pair of high-waisted jeans with a leather jacket or a sharp jumpsuit with new heels. These fashion tips will only get more popular as the year goes on, so try something new and find a look that defines your spring style. Fashion Tips