May 31, 2018 3 min read

Do you have wedding guest woe's? Picking out the perfect gift for a wedding can be hard. How much do you spend? Can you go off the registry? There are so many etiquette questions mixed with old and new traditions for giving wedding gifts

Luckily, there are some new rules for do's and don'ts for giving wedding gifts. With the rise of the internet, many couples have wedding websites that make it easier than ever for people giving wedding gifts.

Wedding registry websites like Zola allow couples to have their registry, event information and planning checklists in one spot, making it an awesome resource for couples and their guests.

What do I do with the registry?
A registry is a starting place for giving wedding gifts. Each couple carefully selects items they like, hopefully making it easier for guests to pick out a gift. Traditionally, registries were for couples to start a home together after the wedding.
Today that doesn't always apply, but that doesn't make the items on the registry any less special for the happy couple to receive. Depending on your relationship with the couple, adding a deeply personal gift with a registry item can make it more special. giving wedding gifts
How much do I spend?
Giving wedding gifts can be tricky depending on your relationship with the couple. Figuring out how much to spend adds another layer of difficulty in the decision making. Guests want to give a wonderful gift, but budget can be an issue, especially if you're a younger guest. Wedding gifts are always appreciated, but not necessarily expected, especially if you're attending a destination wedding.
So don't be afraid to stick within your budget. However, there are suggested levels on what to spend based on your relationship to the couple. Spending around the $50 mark is a good starting amount for a gift. Generally, the closer you are with the couple, the more you should spend on a gift for them. giving wedding gifts
When do I give the couple their gift?

While there is always a gift table at the wedding, it creates extra stress for the couple to coordinate moving gifts after the wedding. Cards are much easier to bring than a cookware set, but try to give the couple their gifts right before, or after the big day.

If the couple is doing a destination wedding, ask them how and when they would like to receive any gifts. Couples normally have a lot of other things to coordinate for their big day, such as decor, candles, food, music, etc., so giving wedding gifts before or after the big day can help alleviate some of that stress.

Can I just give cash?

Sometimes it can be easier for birthdays, or other holidays, just to give someone a card and some money. However, is that okay to do at weddings? Of course! Since a lot of couples live together before the wedding, some will set up honeymoon or activity funds on their registry. Other couples may have a "honeymoon fund" jar at their reception for guests. However, an online registry lets you give the newlyweds money without carrying a check that might get misplaced at some point. All in all, a lot of older traditions for giving wedding gifts no longer apply.

With the ease of the internet planning a wedding, attending and gift buying has become a (mostly) stress free experience. When you're a guest the best thing to do is buy a gift that makes you feel good to give to the couple. Hopefully, they have a wedding website so you can buy their gift without walking around a store confused.

Weddings, while stressful to plan, are beautiful days to be enjoyed by the couple, friends and family for years to come. Giving wedding gifts doesn't have to be difficult. With the internet at our fingers, figuring out what we want to give, and where to buy it has gotten significantly easier.

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