May 02, 2018 2 min read

It's beginning to warm up for the summer. Perfect for hosting weekend barbecues! While you can just throw some hot dogs and burgers on a platter and call it a day, decorating really adds something amazing.

Outdoor party decorating can be confusing. What do I use? How much is too much? Can I incorporate decor onto my snack table? What can I do to make the most out of my backyard?

These are questions we get every year when it starts to warm up outside. While there are plenty of tips and tricks to get ready for your guests, sometimes it can be hard to figure out the decor. After all, what can compete with the great outdoors and nature? Practically nothing. Even though it's impossible to compete with the beauty of nature, we can do our best to make our decor complement it.

Outdoor party decorating should complement the space you are using to host your graduation party, barbecue or get-together.
outdoor party decorating
Utilize your fountains or pool
If you have a pool or fountain, you can use floating candles to create evening ambiance. This will add a gorgeous glow to any poolside party! Just make sure to keep the wick dry when placing the floating candles in water. Keeping the candle wick dry is essential to having a long burn time.
This look is perfect if you do not plan on using your pool at the party! Submersible LED's are a wonderful alternative to floating candles if you do not want to mess with open flames. Outdoor party decorating
Use the landscape

If you have shrubs you can use string lights to decorate the shrubs in the evening for a flame-free glow. Don't forget to add shepherd hooks for a versatile, easy decor addition. Outdoor party decorating can be done in a snap with shepherd hooks.

Adding a paper lantern, hanging holder or banner to a shepherd hook makes decorating simple. They can even stay outdoors year round and be dressed up for the season.

Use your fire pit

You don't have to pull out wood, kindling and other supplies to make your fire pit a central piece of your outdoor gathering. Fill your fire pit with pillar candles and cylinder vases for a gorgeous addition to your party.

This is perfect in the warmer months, and requires less work than a regular campfire. LED candles also work great for this if you want to go sans vase.

Dress up the bar or snack table

outdoor party decorating

Outdoor party decorating can be kept to the food table if you're in a pinch. Using table runners, vase filler or mirror stands can dress up your table! Adding pops of color with table runners add to your table without making it overcrowded with items. No matter how you celebrate, outdoor party decorating is an easy away to create an evening no one forgets!

Luckily, the possibilities are endless with your backyard. Just don't forget to add some candles! Now that summer just about here, it's time to enjoy the sun and long weekends outside! candles for summer weddings