April 24, 2019 3 min read

Many people think that organizing bachelor parties is a tedious and time-consuming process. However, organizing a party for a bachelor should be a rather easy task to accomplish – especially if you want to have a nice, stress-free party.

It will require some planning, but there’s no need to complicate things. All you need to know is when you’re going, where you’re going and how much you plan to spend. These three steps are more than enough to plan the best stress-free bachelor party ever.
Know your guest list
Stress-Free Bachelor Party

Knowing the time of your bachelor party is essential for your guests, as you need to notify them on time. Whether you’re sending invites or e-vites, you should make this a priority. Most people need to make arrangements if they plan to go away for the weekend or take a day off at work.

Think of it this way - the larger the number of people you plan to invite, the more time you’ll need to give them to make arrangements. However, if you’re inviting a few close friends, then a two-weeks’ notice should be more than enough to get their affairs in order.

Know your destination
Stress-Free Bachelor Party

Assuming that your goal is to host a stress-free bachelor party, you should definitely go in the opposite direction of Las Vegas. Your goal is to relax before you embark on a journey of a lifetime, so pick a suitable location. Travel to the Bahamas, South Africa or Australia – somewhere you think all of you friends would have a great time.

If you’re living in Australia, or you end up deciding to go there, our suggestion would be the Milton NSW restaurant. It’s located in Ulladulla, a low-key slice of paradise on the coast of New South Wales with an excellent night-life scene and more than enough content to make a memorable bachelor party.

Know your budget
Stress-Free Bachelor Party

This is the most important part of planning your bachelor party. However, it doesn’t mean that if your budget is small, you won’t have a good time. Some of the best bachelor parties happen when good friends come together. This is why you need to take the number of people you plan to invite into consideration.

If you are planning to visit the serene coast of Ulladulla, do some research on the market, restaurants, bars, prices, and factor in the currency difference. Pick a certain place and work around the details, making sure everything fits within your budget. Once you’re done with budget planning, it’s all smooth sailing from there.

Bonus tip – plan ahead
Stress-Free Bachelor Party

Wherever you decide to go, make sure you have a contingency budget. The farther your destination, the larger your contingency budget should be – it’s usually about 10-15% of the total amount. You can also ask your friends to chip in (just in case), and return the amount afterwards.

Now, the importance of travel insurance can’t be stressed enough, especially if you’re traveling to a place you’ve never been to. Also, make sure that all of your documents are valid; otherwise some of your friends might miss out on all the fun Down Under. Check if there are any extra steps you need to take in order to travel to the desired location.

Check with the customs if there are any restrictions and do some research on the local laws - there are plenty of sources online that are regularly updated so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Lastly, try to enjoy yourself. You are spending the last night out with you friends as a single man, so try to make good memories. There are more than enough ways to make your bachelor party awesome, so just follow guide and everything will turn out fine.