June 26, 2019 2 min read

Lanterns are the perfect décor item. They can add a touch of lighting, be a centerpiece, line a walkway, the list goes on. Using lanterns in wedding décor can add the essential touch of elegance that you're looking for.

Unsure of how to use lanterns in wedding décor? Not quite confident in your styling abilities? Trying to add those finishing touches to your special day? Lucky for you, there are a variety of ways to add lanterns in wedding décor. Plus, we have our favorite ways to incorporate lanterns into an already beautiful setting just for you.
Lanterns in Wedding Décor Lanterns, like vases, can be filled with a variety of items to create a beautiful centerpiece. You can use flowers, candles or other items that tie into your wedding theme to create a one of a kind centerpiece! You can fill a lantern with a candle and surround with florals or more candles to create a truly beautiful setting for your guests. Lanterns are great if you want a simple centerpiece that can stand on its own.
Cake Tables

While the cake is the centerpiece of this table, you can still add some extra beauty alongside the delicious dessert. Place some lanterns in the back, or mini lanterns around the front of your cake table with LED candles to create a beautifully lit cake table that compliments the rest of the reception. If you do this, make sure to use LEDs over traditional flame candles so that there's no heat to melt any icing on the desserts.


Lanterns in Wedding Décor Having a lit walkway, especially if it starts getting dark, is very important to guide your guests throughout your venue. This can allow guest to easily move throughout your venue without any confusion to where the party is happening. you can place the lanterns on the ground, or have smaller lanterns hanging from shepherd hooks with LED candles inside to create a wind proof glow.
Hanging Decor

If you have a lot of trees or rafters that you can hang décor from, why not add lanterns? This can add more soft lighting without cluttering tabletops. Hang some lanterns above your dance floor to create a beautiful setting to dance the night away in.


Lanterns in Wedding Décor Placing lanterns in a group on the steps or entry way to your venue creates the first appearance of your wedding decorations. These lanterns can be left empty or with a candle to create a lovely greeting for your guests as they begin to arrive for the festivities you and your spouse have planned.
Planning can be hard, but luckily lanterns are easy to incorporate in wedding décor. With so many ways to use them, it's hard not to have at least a few lanterns adding light around your wedding. Lanterns in Wedding Décor