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Looking forward to your honeymoon and all the rest, adventure and romance you’re hoping to experience there? Of course you are!

However, classic honeymoon destinations like Bora Bora, Tahiti, Rome and Paris are very expensive and, honestly, often over-hyped. So, why not go somewhere less expensive yet still exciting and romantic? Check out these amazing honeymoon destinations in the USA that will blow your mind yet spare your wallet.
Honeymoon Destinations

There’s no honeymoon talk without mentioning Hawaii. This is the most popular honeymoon and vacation destination for Americans and Canadians and for all the good reasons. Its tropical vibe is super relaxing, the beaches are amazing and cocktails are out of this world—what more can you ask from the beginning of your marriage?

And no matter what kind of couple you are—romantic, adventurous or curious, Hawaii has something for everyone. You can hike volcanos, go surfing, explore cultural monuments, enjoy traditional dances and music or just plop on the beach and enjoy the sun!

Charleston, South Carolina
Honeymoon Destinations

If you’re in desperate need of some Southern charm and countryside vibe, make sure to book a stay in Charleston, South Carolina. This port city is speckled with antebellum buildings, cobblestone streets, carriages and oak trees. The city looks like it’s frozen in time! But, don’t get too lulled by its serene vibe. Charleston is a perfect mix of old and modern with its amazing beaches, historic sites and many modern commodities.

Since the city lies on the coast, don’t miss a chance to try some water sports and get your adrenaline pumping. Paddle-boarding and kayaking at Shem Creek are super exciting and so are Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island exploration trips. There are also amazing things couples who prefer terra firma can try like enjoying beachside picnics, go bicycle riding, window shopping and enjoying amazing local food.

New York City, New York
Honeymoon Destinations

No matter what you want to do, who you are and what brought you to New York City, you’ll always be welcome. This city is the ultimate destination for everything! New couples are especially excited about enjoying busy NYC living, tasting coffee at hipster cafes and exploring Central Park. This iconic attraction is perfect for romantic strolls because the entire park is speckled with cute locations where you can find peace and quiet. You can also catch a musical on Broadway and take a walk through Times Square.

If you’re in for a day of physical activity, climb the Top of the Rock and enjoy the views of the most amazing city in the world. If you get there just before the sun sets, you’ll get to see the city during the day, evening and night when everything lights up. Plus, New York is much easier to reach than Hawaii for someone from Europe or Canada. There are even very affordable bus tickets from Montreal to New York so you don’t have to spend all your money and time on transportation! And the buses go frequently so you don’t have to worry about anything but having a great time with your new spouse!

Portland, Oregon
Honeymoon Destinations

Do you want to spend your honeymoon in a city that’s quirky, liberal yet beautiful and affordable? Check out Portland! Resting just under the Mount Hood and next to two beautiful rivers, Portland is a star of Oregon. It’s famous for its gardens, bridges, cycling culture and amazing coffee! It’s also a perfect place for all LGBTQ+ couples since it’s super liberal and accepting (Portland is always near the top of the most gay-friendly cities in the US), so you’ll feel more than welcome!Besides its gorgeous architecture,

Portland also has a booming art and music scene. Its music venues are always sold out and galleries are thriving with life! Melodious tunes can be heard from every corner of the city, so if you’re a culture buff, don’t hesitate to visit Portland. And its Japanese Garden is another must-visit spot for all honeymooners. It’s romantic and tranquil—a perfect place to visit on a lazy Sunday after a crazy night out!

Napa Valley, California
Honeymoon Destinations

If you want to spend your honeymoon in a place with nearly ideal weather and an abundance of amazing wine and food, go to Napa Valley in California. This area is world-renown as a spot for all sorts of celebrations, but it’s still not overcrowded. When it comes to accommodation, you can choose everything from lux Airbnbs and five-star resorts to cozy little B&Bs—there’s something for everyone.

Aside from its affordability, Napa Valley is known for its amazing cuisine. There are over 150 farm-to-plate restaurants and many Michelin-star places that serve the most alluring dishes you can imagine. If you wake up early, you can even get a hot air balloon ride, enjoy the sunrise and breakfast in a secluded location far away from any distraction! Amazing!

These gorgeous US locations will be more beautiful, more convenient and more affordable than any trendy Instagram location! So, spend your honeymoon with your loved one in happiness and joy and get plenty of rest and some loving until you have to go back. Good luck and congratulations on !