September 11, 2019 2 min read

Fall means pumpkins, ghosts and leaves galore! There is one perfect fall accent that is often forgotten though, and it's wheat!

Incorporating wheat can be a bit perplexing if you've never used it before. However, incorporating wheat into your fall décor is simple and easy!
Incorporating Wheat Adding a wheat wreath (try saying that five times fast) is one of the easiest ways to add a wheat accent into your fall décor. Adding a decorative wreath to your front door, or gallery wall, adds a touch of golden fall color. The golden fall color of wheat is perfect for a subtle hint of autumn in your home.
Wheat bundles
Wheat bundles are easy pieces that you can add just about anywhere. Incorporating wheat bundles throughout your home is an easy addition, and they come in a variety of sizes and can complement your other fall décor throughout your home.
Floral arrangements
Incorporating Wheat While you may not like the look of a wheat bundle, you can always take it apart and incorporate it into your floral arrangements. Throwing a few stalks of wheat into a vase, or throughout a floral arrangement will add not only texture, but a fall flair.
Front porches
Your front porch shows the world a first look into who you are. So, why not show off your love of fall? You can use a variety of different wheat items to create a fall look with lanterns, pumpkins or vibrant flowers.
While most people use mantles to place cards and photo frames, it's also a great place to decorate seasonally. You can take a wheat bundle and use the stalks to create a DIY garland and place taper candles around it to create a glowing display of golden autumn colors.
Candle rings
Incorporating Wheat Don't want to hang a wreath? Take that wheat wreath and use it as a candle ring. You can place a pillar candle in the center, or a vase with a floating candle to spice up your candles a bit. This also is a great use for your wreath if you have multiple, and are not sure of which one to hang. While you may not initially think of wheat as being a decorative fall item, it totally is. Incorporating wheat is an easy fall addition that doesn't overpower your other décor. It's simplistic, and adds just the right flair to any home or space. Incorporating Wheat