September 04, 2019 2 min read

A great way to keep your home seasonal is to have a corresponding tablescape in your kitchen or dining room. Creating a fall tablescape can add a homey feel to your home in a pinch.

A fall tablescape can manifest in many different ways. There is an endless number of possibilities to create that fall feeling without much effort.

So, we're here to give you some simple changes to make to your tablescape to create that fall feeling everyone starts looking for around this time of year.

Zinc vases

Fall Tablescape Zinc vases are a perfect rustic piece that compliment the tones of fall. Throwing some corrugated zinc vases along your table with some fall flowers in them is a great way to create that quintessential fall tablescape that you see all over Instagram for inspiration.


Wood accents

Wood slices are perfect for year round use, but there's something that screams "fall" about having tree slices in your home. Having tree slices on your tablescape can create that fall feeling in a number of uses.

You can have the tree slice as the base of your centerpiece, or use it as a charger plate to add that fall flair you're looking for.

Mini pumpkins & gourds
Fall Tablescape Obviously pumpkins are an essential fall item. However, you cannot throw any old pumpkin on your table as it will most likely be too big. Luckily, you can get mini pumpkins and gourds at your local grocery store or farmers market to place along the table. Place them on top of a lace table runner for a simple fall tablescape.
Rose gold accents
Fall Tablescape While a lot of people love a deep amber gold throughout autumn, rose gold is an unexpected color that's still perfect for fall. Place some greenery in a venus vase for that unexpected color pop that will carry you through fall and even into the winter seasons.
Cotton stalks

Fall Tablescape Preserved cotton stalks are an essential fall item. You can use these in a variety of ways to create your perfect fall tablescape. You can lay them along the length of your table with votive candles as a centerpiece.

You can also just throw them into a vase for a simple fall arrangements that you can have on your tablescape, or all over your home.

Preserved pieces

Fall Tablescape Preserved items are great for fall because they won't die like other fresh greenery or flowers. Having preserved wheat bundles, wreaths and garlands gives you the ability to have natural products in your fall tablescape without having to worry about replacing them every week or two.

Creating your perfect fall tablescape can be as easy as 1-2-3, and you don't have to follow a certain formula to create the feeling of autumn in your home. This makes decorating for fall personal to you, and there are no rules, so go wild with your fall tablescape!

Fall Tablescape