February 16, 2024 3 min read

Is Your Wedding Affecting Your Mental Health? 7 Signs to Watch For


Stories about how stressful wedding planning is can be easy to laugh at when you haven’t gone through the experience. However, it’s not so funny when you’re in the thick of it yourself, talking to a dozen vendors and rushing to book a venue.


The reality is that a wedding can take quite a toll on your mental health. It’s essential to watch out for the signs to know when to take a breath.


1. You Keep Planning


When organizing your wedding, you might find periods where planning takes over your whole life, and you never take days off from it.


It’s unhealthy to think and worry about the big day constantly. If you struggle with this, it’s essential to make some time for rest.


2. You Keep Procrastinating


If you aren’t overplanning, maybe you’re procrastinating way too much. Tending to different responsibilities can relieve the negative emotions associated with wedding planning, but it’s considered an avoidant coping strategy for a reason.


Putting aside the wedding repeatedly means your principal stress remains. Take charge of it.


3. You Don’t Feel Happy When Planning


Brides typically feel over the moon when they’re planning their wedding. If you’re at a stage where all the joy has been sucked out of you, hit pause. Acknowledge these feelings impacting your mental health and come to terms with them.


4. You Don’t Confide in Loved Ones


Confiding in a family member or friend is common when dealing with any issue, especially concerning a wedding. It’s also standard for any person to undergo a crisis, with about one in five American adults dealing with a mental health problem each year.


Unfortunately, feeling hesitant about opening up with their loved ones is also normal.


5. You Ignore Your Mental Health


Many people downplay or ignore their emotions. However, it’s vital to recognize the growing conversation surrounding mental health and seek care from organizations.


In fact, the Biden administration is imploring insurance companies to provide mental health care and benefits to their covered patients. There are resources to help, so seek them out if you feel like the pressure of wedding planning is beginning to affect you in a negative way.


6. You Can’t Fall Asleep


Some brides might spend all night tensing up and worrying about their wedding. Reserve 15 minutes during the day to consider different solutions for your stress points. Doing this can provide some mental clarity when you’re about to sleep.


7. You Get Into Arguments


Wedding stress can increase a person’s irritability, making them argue with people. They might even fight with their fiance to a certain extent. If you’re also one hair away from losing it, it might be time to reevaluate how you handle your wedding.


Recognizing the Signs


A wedding is more than just a typical event where you pick out an outfit and call it a day. The stress it takes to organize everything can be detrimental to your mental health.


Watch out for the signs to prevent going off the deep end and focus on making your big day memorable and special.