February 14, 2024 4 min read

9 Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

A couple’s first wedding anniversary is such a special occasion. Staying loving one another for another year is a considerable milestone in your relationship, but this is the first one where you’re married to each other. Naturally, you want to celebrate and remember the day with the love of your life. Here are nine unique ways to cherish your lifelong partner on your first wedding anniversary.


1. Have a Honeymoon Trip


There are countless reasons to take a “honeymoon” to celebrate your first anniversary. Maybe you didn’t have the funds to take a big trip after your wedding, or you had a different destination you wished you could have gone to. Whether you go for a big trip or a weekend getaway, going on a honeymoon-style vacation can be a fun and relaxing way to celebrate.


2. Prepare a Fancy Night In


For married couples who are homebodies, the perfect wedding anniversary celebration is staying in. To make it extra special, glam up with the love of your life. Wear a fancy dress and leave out the heels to be comfortable with your spouse on the couch. You can play board games or set up an at-home photo booth so you can take cute pictures of your romantic indoor date.


3. Get a Paper Gift


It’s tradition to give a paper gift during the first wedding anniversary because it can be a beautiful symbol of preserving the love you have for your first year as a married couple. Here are a few creative ideas:


  • Concert tickets:If you and your spouse love an artist and they’re having a concert in your area, tickets are the best way to surprise them. Print them out on paper when presenting them. You can even frame them after the show.
  • Recap scrapbook:A scrapbook that details your first year together is a great way to express your love for your partner over the last year. Decorate it to be as endearing as possible by yourself or have a crafting date together.


  • A handwritten letter:With people’s dependence on instant messaging online, it can be easy to forget the charm of a handwritten letter. Make it a point to write one on your anniversary. Convey your gratitude for their understanding and love.
  • 12 wrapped books:If your partner is an avid reader, they’ll love unwrapping multiple book titles. Get a dozen to signify each month you spent as spouses. You can have a reading date together on the night of your actual anniversary, too.


4. Go On An Excursion


Marriage is the adventure of a lifetime, so celebrate it by doing something adventurous. You could rent a boat and spend a day on the water. Some water activities require strength and athleticism, like water skiing or wakeboarding, while others are more laidback, like sunbathing or boatgating. If you’re really looking for a thrill, consider skydiving or bungee jumping.


5. Recreate Your First Date


After getting married, many people worry about losing their spark, so revisit the night that started it all on your first anniversary. If you went to the movies and had a walk afterward, head to the cinema to recreate it. You can also go to a coffee shop or diner you had both visited on your first date.


6. Give Gemstone Jewelry


Couples give each other jewelry during important stages of their life. For your anniversary, get a custom jewelry piece with a gemstone different from your engagement and wedding rings. You could choose the birthstone for the month of your anniversary or any other color that has meaning to you.


7. Put Your Budget Towards a Home


About 79% of married couples own a home together, but not everyone can save up for one immediately. A practical way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary is to put the funds towards a mortgage. If you already share a house with your spouse, you can shop for home decor and appliances instead.


8. Create an Anniversary Tradition


Your first wedding anniversary is an opportunity to create a tradition for future celebrations of love. Try to think up an activity unique to you and your loved one. For example, you can make it a point to stay up and see the sunrise together.


9. Have a Picnic Under the Stars


For something more simple, prepare a picnic under the stars. Adding a few lanterns can help make the space look as dreamy as possible. Prepare a cheese board to enjoy and chat over while lying on a plush blanket. To cap off the night, play music and have a slow dance.


Commemorate Your First Year


Whether you want to go the romantic route or keep things practical, plan this special day with your spouse. They might have an idea or two up their sleeve to make you feel special, or you can wing the whole thing and keep things spontaneous. Either way, celebrate your romance your way and look forward to more years of love!