April 28, 2016 2 min read

An Easy, Fresh Look with Ivory Floating Candles!

Ivory Floating Candles in decorating create an environment that is not only fresh, but classic! So if you are looking to spruce up a space in your home, give ivory candles and this timeless look the nod by recreating in moments after watching this video!Joel Kirby from Curly Willow Designs has such an ease in his decorating sense! One that allows anyone to be able to watch, listen, and re-create like a pro! Joel designs & decorates for posh events, but still has a way to teach and give ideas that are affordable for all!Take a moment with this video, and you’ll be amazed by what your look will be once you’re done!

What you will need:

  • Cylinder Vases – you can use as many or as few as your space allows.
  • Fresh flowers from your yard or local market
  • Capiche Shells
  • Ivory Floating Candles
  • Water


Ivory Floating Candles

Step 1:Grab cylinder vases

Step 2:Take your vases that you would like to fill with flowers and shells and add those to the vases.

Step 3:Pour water over the shells and into the flower vases. Make sure to not fill to full so your floating candle flame will fall below the lip of the top of the vase.

Step 4:Take your floating candle, and holding by the wick, gently place in the water making sure the wick does not get wet. Grab a match or lighter and light the candles.Once you have created the look with the fresh flowers, the shells inside the vase, and the floating candles, step back and look at your creation and revel in the fact it only took a short time to create your beautiful tablescape!

There are so many reasons to love floating candles! One of the best is the burn time! As Joel mentions in this awesome video, the 3” floating candles can sometimes be used up to 3 times depending on the need! This is amazing! Floating Candles are already so affordable but by being able to use them several times it adds to the affordability! The combination of the floating candles with the cylinder vases are also a combo to love! The versatility of a clear vase & a floating candle have endless design options. From your home décor, to weddings, to parties, to corporate events, to school functions, to church events this product combo gives you what you need to create your very own AMAZING!