June 21, 2016 2 min read

Luminaries for Weddings!

Most people don't think about using luminaries for weddings, instead they often immediately think of Christmas time! And I must admit, initially we did too! But as we watch and learn from our customers, we see that luminaries are much more than a seasonal product!

For those of you that are unsure of what a luminary is, in the decorating world it refers to guiding lights or leading lights that are usually done in paper bags with candles. They are used to line walkways, driveways, steps to show people the way or to line the way out of an event!

We love the impact that can have at an event, especially luminaries for weddings!

For the big effect, the cost is minimal. Just a little prep-work and some friends or helpers to place the luminaries. And as you and your guests leave your reception, you will be sent off with an amazing glow that will not be forgotten!

For weddings we suggest white bags and LED tealights! This look is easy and timeless!

What you need:

  • White Luminary BagsLuminaries for Weddings
  • A plan of how many you want to use based on the road, walkway, stairs, or other spot you’d like to place the luminaries. Best to calculate how far apart you would like them to ensure you have enough bags and candles, as well as enough helping hands to create your desired look.
  • Sand will be used to weigh down the bags so they do not blow away. We use simple playground sand. With a small cup you can scoop a bit of sand into each bag, just enough to make it heavy enough to stay in place.
  • LED tealight candles will be added to the top of the sand, buried just a bit enough to level the candle. You can also use regular true flame tealights.

A few helpful hints while doing luminaries:

  • Don’t fill your bags too early because sand can be a little damp and can damage your bags if you will be moving them to a different spot.
  • We have found that having a car filled with your sand, bags, and candles to drive along the path and place works so great! With a few people in almost like an assembly line, you can fill the bags and place and put candle in! And if you decide to use a real flame, having someone with the lighter to go behind to light works fabulously!
  • Whether you choose regular tealights or LED tealights, make sure that the burn time on your option will get you to the end of the night with a lovely glow. You don’t want some of the luminaries burning out before your guests head out!
  • Do not use votive candles, as votive candles will completely liquefy and you will not get very much burn time. If you use a cup with your votive candle it can work, but your burn time will still be affected. So we suggest not using votive candles.
It’s easy to create your AMAZING get-away with a luminary lined drive to end a most special day!