June 17, 2016 2 min read

Check Out Our New LED Candles & How to Use them!

LED candles, or sometimes referred to as battery operated candles, are such an amazing option when thinking about candle light! When you think about time and ease of decorating for an event or even in your very own home the choice is simple! LED candles offer a viable alternative to a real flame candle.Now don’t get us wrong, we simply love the flame of a real candle. But in reality, sometimes it’s just not easy or effective to use true flames, and now with no flame venues…you can’t use a real candle in some settings! So in waltzes LED candles!

LED Candles have come a long way! They now produce a realistic candle glow, give you hours and years of use, and are not affected by the elements. LED candles are even real wax on the outside to appear super realistic! They also come in many finishes, sizes, and glow colors! They come with on/off buttons, timer switches, and even remote controls! Many have batteries already included! The options are endless!

We have added several fabulous LED candles to our line!

  • Our new LED votive candles instantly create a lovely glow with no holder needed! Creating this beautiful twinkle to your setting has never been easier. These chunky style votive candles with real wax outer shells are perfect to line walkways, mass down the center of a long table, place in outdoor lanterns or hanging holders!
  • LED Taper Candlesare also new to our line! This new product is one that we adore! The ease of being able to touch the top of the taper and engage the light is priceless! No dripping, no fear of the taper blowing out from breezes or being affected by the weather! You cannot go wrong with these amazing taper candles! These gems are perfect for wedding alters, wedding aisles, outdoor candelabras, and home use!
  • Another new favorite addition to our LED product line is the 4” diameter, taller, pillar candles! This set of 3 creates a statement anywhere placed! The interesting wax finish, the wavy top, and the flickering of the LED light produces the most realistic candle glow! With a simple on/off switch, you are set for hours of effortless glow. We love to use these in outdoor lanterns, lining walkways, as centerpieces atop mirrors, and on mantles or in fireplaces.
  • And to top off the list, gold and silver LED metallic 4” pillar candles! Metallic is a trend that is here to stay! Gold & Silver metallics can be easily incorporated into event and home design. And now with having an option that will last and last, these candles are the perfect addition to design. Using these incorporated into a centerpiece design, placing along the window sills of a church, massing them on a hearth, or lining steps into your home or event will leave your guests with a lasting sparkling impression!

No matter how you choose to use LED candles, we are sure that you will create your very own AMAZING every time!